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Despite the noticeable recovery in crypto markets in the last few weeks, XRP has not yet recovered in value. As reported by EWN in early September 2018, the Satis Group published a ten-year prediction comprising some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market.

Monero XMR and Bitcoin to Flourish

Monero XMR was forecasted to experience the highest appreciation throughout the ten-year period and Bitcoin posted positive tallies compared to the current bear trend. However, the analysts found XRP to experience a historically imminent negative outlook. Currently, XRP is at 91% erosion in worth since its highest tally in January 2018. The Satis Group analysts forecasted XRP to have the same value as a penny within the coming year.

Though Bitcoin is forecasted to hit a six-digit mark with its present growth curve, the Satis group analysts found liability with XRP and its relationship with its mother firm Ripple- which has occasionally distanced itself from XRP.

Though Satis Group analysts have presented an essential projection and an exciting take on market trends by forecasting digital currency concealment to surpass the worth of decentralized apps, hence clarifying the sudden rise in Monero, XRP still has the chance to dodge the decay.

Are XRP Investors in a Conundrum?

The Satis Group experts are right in highlighting that XRP investors are experiencing a puzzle when setting their sight to their mother firm- Ripple as a determinant of the welfare of the coin. The investors should be reminded that though Ripple is the major user and driver of XRP adoption, its payment method can survive minus XRP- an option some establishments like the American Express have used before.

Nevertheless, Ripple still has some enticements in the advancement of the cryptocurrency, even though they are tirelessly striving to achieve a centralized regulation and a wider investment base. First, Ripple is the major stakeholder of XRP, hence stating that they appear to abandon their initial project is claiming that the firm is ready to devalue one of their big assets.

XRP’s Wide Acceptance in Developing Countries

XRP has also established a good acceptance rate, especially in developing nations and those that are highly populated and experience restricted access to financial institutions. Reporting of their cryptocurrency adoption in India, Ripple managers have assessed nearly 50% share of the Indian cryptocurrency market.

Though the Satis Group has made a bold forecast that XRP is doomed to uncertainty and offshore investment, a similar explanation can also be used in a case where more people see cryptocurrency as a real substitute to government sanctions.

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