Will the Litecoin Summit Drive the Value of Litecoin to $70?

The forthcoming Litecoin conference in San Francisco is highly anticipated to energise the rise of Litecoin (LTC) towards the end of 2018. LTC has already experienced growth in value to a one month high of $67, almost hitting the highly projected $70 mark. Charlie Lee, the LTC founder, expressed that the major agenda they long to drive forward to their clients during the conference is the concept of the Lightning Network and side chains that present better scalability aspects to Bitcoin. Guests expected to speak during the conference include Bitcoin and Lightening inventor Alex Bosworth. He will be discussing swaps as a scalability solution.

Preparations for the Summit

To attain high attendance at the conference, and cryptocurrency approval by youths, LTC declared it is offering free entry to high school and college students for day two of the conference. In addition, “442_Travel and Travelbybit” are also catering for free conference entries for those arranging their travels through them and paying using LTC.

Litecoin Ranking by Travelbybit

Travelbybit ranks LTC has the second most employed digital currency at Brisbane Airport at 26.87%, only overtaken by BTC that accounts for 41.79%.

Abra Ranking of Litecoin

Another mobile based venture like Coinbase, Abra, has ranked LTC among twenty-five virtual currencies to reap from its fiat-to-crypto service. The service will at first be accessible to users in twenty-eight Single Euro Payments Area enabling them to directly bank fiat into the app facilitating the easy purchase of desired cryptocurrencies. However, cryptocurrency to fiat withdraw services will be enabled soon.

Litecoin’s Partnership with CasaHODL

Litecoin has partnered with CasaHODL in connection with CasaHODL’s strategy of generating routers containing Lightening Networks to transmit information and transactions with the possibility to generate extra earnings for users from LN transaction charges.

The Casa Lightening node comprises of lightning skills with strong key control and security expertise to operate anywhere. The gadget which is produced preassembled offers total control to the user, easier to use and is pre-synced with BTC for calm activation.

Currently, LTC is ranked 7th with a market investment of $3.7 billion making it one of the commonest digital currencies in the crypto space. LTC businesses have also increased with trade capacities swelling greatly in the last three weeks.

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