Facebook News Today: Facebook’s Secret Rules Have Been Revealed – Sat May 19

Facebook has recently published a community guideline that were once undisclosed to the users of this social media. Earlier when the guidelines

Facebook and the new policy guidelines

“We decided to publish these internal guidelines for two reasons. First, the guidelines will help people understand where we draw the line on nuanced issues,” says VP of global product management Monika Bickert. She further on elaborated the recent decision by Facebook by saying, “Second, providing these details makes it easier for everyone, including experts in different fields, to give us feedback so that we can improve the guidelines – and the decisions we make – over time.”

The new guidelines are much more in detail than the previous standards. Such guideline came in handy when it comes to online harassment and bullying. Apart from the guidelines, Facebook is also initiating the appeal process for the users who claim that they have been misjudged.

According to new policy, the user will be notified before his content is going to be taken down and the user can ask for a review, Normally, the review is carried out within 24 hours.

The policy will initially apply only to nudity or sexual activity, hate speech and graphic violence, says Bickert.

But, she adds, “We are working to extend this process further, by supporting more violation types, giving people the opportunity to provide more context that could help us make the right decision, and making appeals available not just for content that was taken down, but also for content that was reported and left up.”

Few weak ago, the Facebook CEO was asked the question about the taking down the content of two conservative African American bloggers.

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