September 12 Analyses And Results

The first project of, which develops block-chaining software for businesses, is an operating system that supports decentralized applications on a commercial scale, enabling the development of enterprise block-chain applications similar to web-based applications.

However, since EOS is still largely conceptual, ICO is being run on Ethereum (ERC-20). On EOS, institutions developing and supporting projects on a decentralized global scale benefit from the security, accuracy and transparency provided by the EOS block chain.

EOS,’s first project

EOS, which has been shown as an alternative to Ethereum, criticized for its high transaction costs and low business volume, or as the new “Ethereum”, is separated from other block chains with no transaction fees and endless scalability. The crypto used in the EOS block chain is also called EOS.

Daily Price Forecast

The EOS started at $ 6.5073220175 in September, $ 4.34 at 14/08/2018, the lowest in the past month and $ 6.66 at 01/09/2018. The EOS is trading at $ 4.95 a week, with a change of -21,7121% this week.

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