XRP Coin Holders are Angry!

Ripple holders Explain the anger of XRP’s Price Continues to descent:

Some virtual asset investors may have entered the sector by purchasing during the Bull Run, where the crypto field is seen between December and February this year. As a result, they bought their investments at a time when virtual assets were the highest of all time.

Regarding XRP, the crypto experienced a peak of $3.82 in early January of this year. It is currently valued at 0.255, which is a decrease of 93.9% in just nine months.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Disappointed (XRP) Ripple Holders:

The reason for this is that XRP investments continue to depreciate significantly.

Stellar (XLM) a Better Option?

A number of XRP Owners have noticed that the price of XLM is gradually approaching XRP. This is due to the recent news that international payments made with IBM and the acquisition of the blockchain should get better results for the crypto.

The Amazon Story:

Recently, Morgan Creek’s founder, Anthony Pompliano, reminisced that the price of Amazon’s stock fell four times before, but it was still valued over a trillion dollars.


The current bear market will tend to turn some Owners into money, but the way to a crypto is invaluable, ups and downs. It does not mean that it will never rise again.

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