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A new study by HR startup company ChronoBank revealed that crypto investors were disappointed in the absence of employers wishing to pay for bitcoin and altcoins salaries.

Price Imbalance Doesn’t Phase Crypto Wage Earners

According to the survey, 66% of survey respondents are willing to receive salaries in cryptocurrencies, but 30% think that companies in countries will change their salaries in digital assets, and US participants are particularly suspicious on this front. Even more, about 83% of respondents were eager to receive their bonus payments in cryptocurrency.

In terms of taxation, only 52% are ready to pay taxes on their digital revenues. While 65% of respondents in the US said they were ready to pay taxpayers, only 30% of the Russians said the same thing. However, more than 60% of the young participants from all countries were ready and willing to pay taxes on their cryptocurrency transactions and earnings.

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Participants in the survey benefited from Australia, the US and Russia from other countries. 92% of the participants are male, 75% are employed and 40% are between the ages of 25-34.

ChronoBank believes that more crypto payment options for employees would also benefit employers, and CEO Sergei Sergeinko stated:

“Most research has suggested that 72% of survey respondents would choose an employer with a salary payment option in crypto-currency when choosing the next job. These results suggest that employers need to gain speed with crypto later on.

Half of the participants identified as “hodlers” will help spending less because they feel they are getting paid in the crypt. Sixty percent of participants aged 18 to 24 expressed this belief; 19% of all participants said they would not be able to use the money for trading in the hope that the money will increase in value.

Regulatory Uncertainty Strikes Again

Participants, like so many, should be involved in cryptocurrency management or take over. Sergeinko stated:

“Even though there are ongoing changes in the legislation of different countries in the field of cryptocurrency, audiences are still not adequately informed about the innovations. Almost half of the respondents do not have enough information on whether salary payments in cryptocurrencies in their countries are allowed.”

The survey respondents were optimistic about the future, while regulatory stance emphasized how far we have gone in terms of determining clear and consistent rules around the world for the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. He believes that the majority of human resources workers will be used as a secure method of payment for the block chain, and 57% of all participants are confident that crypto payments will affect countries’ economic growth positively.

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