IOTA price forecast for 2018

What will happen to IOTA (MIOTA) prices? Will the prices rise or will it increase?
Today, IOTA has become a very useful platform. The IOTA platform is designed to make people’s lives easier. The aim of IOTA’s production is to facilitate the relationship between objects and the Internet. IOTA actually depends on DAG. With this platform, you can do very fast processing. In addition, all transactions are free.

The IOTA crypto currency is a local platform. If you want to exchange your IOTA crypto money, you can use MIATO. Today, MIATO is a million IOTA.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

If you want to buy IOTA crypto currency, you must be very careful. First of all, you need to do a detailed research on IOTA. You need to know about IOTA prices. If you have purchased IOTA, you should estimate IOTA prices in the long run.

Today, there are over 100 crypto money. If you have chosen IOTA from so many crypto money types, you should do a good job. The main purpose of this article is to tell you about the factors that will affect the value of IOTA crypto money.

IOTA Price Estimates

As everyone knows, cryptographic currencies change frequently. Crypto currencies sometimes fall or rise. You can always see fluctuations in crypto currency charts. Therefore, users doing this trade should always follow up to date news and forecasts. How does this crypto currency change? Of course, there are many reasons for this change. We can divide these two factors into internal and external factors. For this reason, we advise you to pay close attention. Nowadays money is not getting easy. Therefore, you need to do a good research before investing. Our goal is that you make the right decisions.
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Will IOTA rise?

First of all, commercial partnerships are a very important influence for the increase of IOTA value. IOTA has commercial partnership with many famous companies. These companies; Volkswagen, Bosch, Samsung Group. These companies are important companies in the world. Therefore, we can say that IOTA is a powerful platform. Apart from these companies, IOTA also became a partner with Taipei city. The purpose of this partnership is to give you a Tangle ID card to IOTA costumers.

Seccondly, IOTA is different from other platforms. As we have mentioned above, IOTA has something to do with the true breeds. You can use IOTA in your real life. It’s great to be able to use IOTA in the real world. For example, you can use IOTA even when you are making your internet payments or on public transport.

When we examine IOTA, we can see that there is a potential for growth. When we look at numerical data, it can rise to 267 billion dollars in 2020. At the same time they will produce a new network of objects every year. The purpose of designing their platforms was already great. It is an important platform in Crypto Market.

Another positive feature of IOTA is its speed. Thanks to IOTA, you are trading very fast and paying little money. Also, there is no scalability limit in IOTA.

Supply for a platform is very important. Supply of MOTOTA is 2,779,530,283 dir. The maximum amount of MIOTA is currently circulating (note that 1 is the smallest divisible part of the IOTA currency and 1 MIOTA = 1 million IOTA). You need to pay attention to the supply and price tag for the crypto unit value.

Apart from these, the ecosystem for the crypto currency is very important. An announcement was made in February 2018. According to the explanations; innovations, developments and hobbies are taking place in this ecosystem. IOTA aims to be a useful ecosystem in the world. IOTA wants to serve customers in all kinds of matters.
Will IOTA decrease?

First of all, there may be some negative thoughts about IOTA. The purpose of this article is to be objective. Now we will talk about the negativities that might happen to you. First, IOTA is a platform that is under development. It is not certain what IOTA will do. The companies that IOTA works with are still in the development phase.

As we said earlier, now there are over 100 crypto units in the world of cryptography. All platforms are in race with each other. It’s like a race. Everyone is trying to be the best. IOTA has to have good relations with it’s opponent. For example, it has to compete well with Ethereum in the crypto market. It needs to have a good strategy. It has to be successful in the IOT chain.

There is a shortage of IOTA crypto money. In fact, this is not a defect. But IOTA should improve itself. It needs to have more exchange platforms. IOTA users need to offer more choices. On this count, both the reliability and the more demand. The change in the list needs to increase the cryptos.

Now we will share with you the most important problem of IOTA. According to the research, we learned that IOTA is a security problem. In September 2017, a security problem occurred in IOTA’s code. It was said that this was caused by malicious people. This has adversely affected many IOTA users. Maybe this was not IOTA’s fault. As a result, such a bad thing happened, and many platform owners and users learned it. IOTA’s employers and other companies need to reassure themselves. IOTA should be very careful about it’s security system.

What strategy will IOTA follow?

IOTA is drawing a road map as a continuation of itself. They are working to be much better in the future. On this count, they will be successful. The reason for their improvement is to have better prices.

Now we share with you the goals of IOTA. This article was taken from IOTA’s own site. According to the information;

The IOTA company continues to grow and develop itself every day. Their current aim is to expand their capacities. At this point, IOTA will be able to meet customers’ requests. This is the biggest goal for 2018. IOTA company behaves correctly and cautiously.
Another goal of the IOTA platform is optimization. So they want to work with the government after they expand. They want to spread internationally. They want to do bigger jobs with new sectors. To achieve these goals, they will host Hackathon, a virtual and physical platform.

They want to open an office everywhere they want to develop themselves in a pervasive way. One of the biggest goals is to be able to open offices in many countries.
Finally, another goal of the IOTA is to be able to integrate into the changes made. If they can integrate into the changes made, they will be successful. Thanks to the technical application of IOTA, the stock market has also changed. Thanks to these changes, the customers are very happy. Because IOTA is moving in the right direction.

IOTA is in a race

The price of IOTA will affect the other crypto currencies. This impact will be both good and bad for IOTA. If you want to buy IOTA, you have to be very careful about this situation. Other platforms will also affect your money indirectly. Before investing in IOTA, always look at the competitions of IOTA.

Ethereum is a rival of IOTA. Ethereum is the second best crypto currency in the world. IOTA and Ethereum are constantly being compared. But Ethereum has a better infrastructure than IOTA. As a result, in this case, IOTA is not very lucky.

If we look at another platform, we can see the IoT chain. The IOT chain was established by a company in Singapore. This project has made a deal with a lot of good companies. Today the IoT chain is very important. So IOTA could be another competitor.

Another competing platform is the name Nano (XRP). Nanoi may be the rival of IOTA. Because they are very similar to each other on the two platforms. So it is possible that they are in competition on this market. The Nano platform does not charge if we look at the properties of Nano (XRP). Their goal is to provide scalable money. This platform may be different from IOTA. But there are common points. This common point is micropayments.

On this page, it may seem a little complicated to you. Anyway, the world of the crypto currency is mixed. In fact, doing such investments can be risky. If you do not want to take risks, you should do a very careful research. IOTA has received a lot of criticism so far. But they responded quickly to these criticisms. It began to work to solve the problems that arise immediately. This is a very good thing.With the information we provide about IOTA, you can make the right decisions. We said a lot of things you need to pay attention to. If you pay attention to these criteria, your money may multiply. Pay attention to IOTA’s competitors.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.