Good news about TRON

According to research and current news, Tron (TRX) is a very good platform. Every day Tron continues to develop itself. Tron has become a very successful sector. Tron has become one of the best metal coins. In addition; Tron is always confronted with new innovations.

As everyone knows, the market is not in a good shape right now. In the market, the sectors started to fall down. Despite all those negative conditions, Tron was successful. It works very well with the other sectors. Despite the fall in the market, Tron managed to protect itself.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

We told you about Tron’s successes. But, are you curious about this situation? How did Tron succeed? What was Tron doing? What kind of strategy did Tron follow?
In this article you will read the answers to these questions. The answers to these questions are quite simple and understandable. The Tron company’s CEO answered for you. His name is Justin Sun. Sun explained the success story of the Tron company. In this article, we will share them with you.

According to research, Tron has been a successful sector for people in recent times. Tron signed partnership agreements with many companies to improve itself. This situation was exciting for many traders. People are constantly following up on Tron news. Prices are very affordable for most people who do that coin trade. Tron managed to make a green coin. It grows more and more every day. According to Sun, Tron’s partnerships continue to be very successful. Keep reading the text for details.
Let’s take a look at price reviews

According to research, the Tron (TRX) experienced some declines in September. We can say that the value of Tron is slightly lower than the previous prices. It was 90% less than previous values. But that was only before you entered level 0,0094.
However, according to current news reports and despite these negativities, the Tron began to increase from scratch. When we look at the increase value, we can say that TRX is 0.06%, if we look at the price, it increases to 0.01960 $. Estimates suggest that prices and prices will continue to rise.

Apart from all this information, Sun shared a post on Twitter for you. According to the that post, he wrote that ‘We add more USD pairs. On September 17, we are launching US dollar (USD) markets for TRON (TRX) and Litecoin (LTC). The appropriate #Bittrex accounts created before 4 are already enabled for USD trading. Would you like to deposit / withdraw a new user or USD? Details:…’

As Sun writes, the 17th of September will be a good start. There must be a lot of people waiting in curiosity.

Other Announcements

Sun constantly shares Twitter’s writings and announcements with hundreds of people. According to the latest announcement he made recently, Coinhood’s mainnet replacement has been successful. You can read from there; ‘@COBINHOOD has completed #TRON mainnet upgrade and resumed #TRX deposit and withdrawal. $TRX …’
Later, he made another share and he said that they had a deal with SatoWallet.

Sun continues to work to be more successful

Sun continues to do surprises. He decided to create an icon to reward customers. Thanks to this icon, people using the Tron platform will be rewarded. The network they are signing up to is Intergalactic Gaming (IG). This game is online. As a gaming platform, they announced that they would join other powerful companies as well. They agreed with 4 Esport organization.

They said that; “Another non-endemic organization for the Tron BlockChain adopts the IG tokenized eSports ecosystem,” which is a major step towards a solid partnership and “we will support our ecosystem and our integration of our Tron Network”.
In addition, Justin Sun’s social media followers have exceeded one million. This platform has become recognized by everyone. Every day, the number of followers increases. So every day new Tron accounts are opened. We support Tron’s success.


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