Circle Survey Findings: Men’s Crypto Investments Doubles those of Women


One person in every four millennials are interested in investing in digital currencies by the end of 2019, a new survey finds.

The Circle Survey, a crypto payments company, carried out a poll of roughly 3000 participants earlier this week. The company established that many millennials consider themselves as “aggressive” investors in the crypto world.

The Goldman Sacha-backed payment firm utilized Survey Monkey to gather its findings. However, the company only published results of participants who considered themselves “aggressive investors.”

The Details of the Results

Remarkably, the survey established that men investors double women investors. 42% of male millennials, 34% of men classified as Generation X and 16% of male Baby Boomers are interested in the crypto world, versus 27% of millennial women, 19% of Generation X females and 9% of female Baby Boomers.

Discretely, and probably predictably, the investigators observed that as investors age, the ratio of “aggressive” investors declines, from 65% of millennials to just 25% of Baby Boomers.

Further Reinforcement from eToro

The observation that many are the majority investors of cryptocurrencies is not new. In May 2018, eToro (a social business platform) surveyed its clients and found that just 8.5% of its clients were women. Two members before this research, the firm had a registered number of more than 9 million customers.

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