Two EOS Gambling Platforms Have Been Hacked – $260,000 Stolen

In the last four days, hackers hacked EOS gambling platforms and they have stolen nearly $250,000. Strangely, a user has won almost $600,000 on the platform that EOSBet claims that it is luck.

According to the explanation that was made by EOSGames on their tweet, they are back up and have started EOS game. Yesterday, an exploit was got into their server. Although it was a difficult progress, they managed to resolve the problem successfully. However, they add that they are still in beta.

The first hack began on 9th of September. A DEOSGames user whose username is runnigsnail seemed that he was winning $1000 over and over again. The progress was automated and the user was winning the jackpots regularly. DEOSGames claimed that there had been hack on their smart contract. They have mentioned the malicious exploit as “a good stress test” in their statement.

EOSBet Hacked — $236,000 Stolen

EOSBetCasino made en explanation about the nature and scale of a smart contract hack. Eventually, it causes a great deal of loss. According to the explanation made by them, they experienced a hack and breach of their bankroll. 44,427.4302 EOS had been stolen until their contracts were taken offline by their development team. However, 463,745 EOS in their EOSBETDICE11 and EOSBETCASINO are secured. There is no security issue and they are back online. They also added they they made this explanation to be open and make people have no doubt. 

A flaw was exploited in the code. In this way, the hackers could bypass the esio.token ->transfer function. Consequently, their funds were not deposited to the smart contract. No payment was received from them when they lost. However, they could get real funds to their accounts every time they won. In other words, they were in a gamble that losing money was impossible.

The development team revealed the part of code that was vulnerable for inspection and they explained what they did and the reasons one by one. This explanation was liked by many users on Reddit. However, a group of users think that the team is not skillful enough. They also think that the third party auditors that were hired by them are also not enough referencing this statement: “Security issues are so important according to us. Third party auditors that we hired and our team revised our code extensively”.

Did a Third EOSBet Hack Occur?

This question has come to people’s minds. The reason is that a user on the same platform won $600,000 in a short time. The user easily doubled his money in a series of dice rolls in 36 hours. This was suspicious enough to call as a hack according to The Next Web. However, it was not a hack and the user won it with his luck according to the explanation that was made by EOSBet.

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