3 Cryptocurrencies That Have Potential To Beat Bitcoin This Week: Vibe, LSK And ETH

Every week, there are many great opportunities that can make great benefits in most financial markets. Bitcoin has decreased since the beginning of the year but this isn’t realized by most investors. On the other hand, there are fluctuations on Bitcoin as well as on altcoins and fluctuations on altcoins are considerably bigger. Three of these altcoins are taking attention this week: VIBE, LSK, and ETH.

Fluctuating Market

Most experts about cryptocurrencies have estimated that the decreasing of crypto market will stop and it will start to increase in between Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 of 2018. What is the reason of this change? It may be those that drive BTC and the whole altcoins. 

Canadians are expected to use an investment tool similar an ETF which enables them to invest directly in Bitcoin with considerably less risk. Along with Canada, the U.S. will use a Winklevoss backed stable coin that will be used by multiple agencies.

It seems the Winklevoss has found a way to use stable, audited coin to the U.S. dollar. 

On the other hand, there is an obvious decrease in Bitcoin that decreased from over $7000 to $6300. According to rumors, the reason may be Mt. Gox BTC being sold on the open market. Despite the decrease of the Bitcoin prices, there are a few cryptocurrencies that may increase in the following weeks or months.

Last week TRIG was regarded as the top cryptocurrency for the week. While BTC decreased from $7300 to $6200, TRIG increased from 245 SATS to 340 sats in 3 days. These kinds of returns can easily be realized if you know what you need.

This week the important cryptocurrencies are VIBE, LSK, and ETH.


The main aspect of VIBE is bring those who use VR devices to top events around the world so that the users can follow the latest events from their homes. So VIBE seems to increase its popularity as the popularity of VR is increasing. Users can watch their favorite concerts live wherever they are with this cryptocurrency. Being an ICO, VIBE is preparing to make its concept reality by the end of this year. The reason that makes VIBE important is that they plan to release its AR and VR platforms for VR devices. VIBE’s have ambitious plans and that makes VIBE important for the future.


Lisk is a kind of application network that LSK tokens are powered to use smart contracts. Besides, many members of the ETH team continue to work with the LSK team. Microsoft is also one of the most important partners of LSK. It may be the next major cryptocurrency as the LSK smart contract network works similarly to ETH and NEO/GAS and important members of ETH work with LSK. 


Although its price was under $200 a few days ago, it has increased 30 percent in a few days and its price has become almost $221. With this increase, it is hard to say if it can beat other cryptocurrencies including VIBE, LSK or BTC. Investing on ETH includes a high risk as there is not definite information about when it will be traded on the major US commodity exchanges. 

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