Tezos Token Provides Approach in Official Launch – Cryptocurrency News Today

The price of the XTZ, the natural indicator of the Tezos crypto project, increased by 30 percent at the weekend, waiting for the official launch of the network on Monday.

At the time of the press, the XTZ is trading at $ 1.55 an hour, a high of $ 5.5 on Saturday at 13:10 UTC. At this point, according to CoinMarketCap data, XTZ increased 35% from Friday’s low of $ 1.29.

Cryptocurrency received a strong offer Friday after tweeting that developers came to Tezos’ mainnet on September 17th. In fact, mainnet has been at beta level with tokens that can be traded on some exchanges since late June.

In particular, trade volumes rose nine percent to $ 5.13 million, up by 169 percent on Friday, with an increase in investor interest in the crypto currency.

The project was a long wait for investors. Jobs looked bright for Tezos – one of the biggest coin sales – which collects $ 232 million through an ICO in July 2017.

The development of the block chain network, however, was thrown into turmoil due to a bitter legal struggle for control among the founders and co-founders of the project – the problems that are now largely resolved by a shift in governance.

Looking ahead, if the launch goes well and trading volumes remain healthy, the XTZ may soon return to Friday’s high of $ 1.75. If the wider crypto market continues to make a profit, there may be more earnings on the cards.

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