Ethereum Price Analysis – Ethereum (ETH) Price Today

Last week, Ethereum had a hard situation because of the big downfall (below $200). It was the first time it’s seen this year. However, ETH managed to get back. Nevertheless, everybody wants the prices to go above $300. It can be said that enterprising traders may have a upgrading scale in a shorter time, although we faced a Sep 5 bear candlestick.

Updated Infos about Ethereum

At the price about $205, ETH is a precious and popular cryptocurrency. In contrast to classical ones, ETH is still on the inter-web. Experts indicate that the wallets are absolutely on the focus of hackers. Considering the reports, it’s obvious that they manage to get rid of about 40 attacks each week.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)

Suspicious accounts are still trying to hunt gullible ETH possessors. However the security firm working with MyEtherWallet achieved until today. And currency exchanges succeeded to print above $550 million in losses.

Regardless of these successes, according to Jeremy Rubin’s concept, ETH might go down to zero level, and the thought is lıke: ETH is walking to the point of reservation demand. Thus, as ETH has a low reservation demand, ICO admins don’t want to delay their projects as ETH currency prices tank.

The Price Predictions of ETH

ETH Price Charts Weekly

For the last week, ETH has showed an upswing way. After the lower levels of last week, it’s possible to see the trading volumes went up.

Although the sellers have more advantage after the break out pattern at the end of Aug 12, we predict that the ETH prices depend on the speed of ETH bulls’ moving up to $300. With the high volume trading it can be said that the sellers are in charge.

ETH Price Charts Daily

After the morning star pattern mid last week, ETH bulls haven’t decelerated yet. The prices went up 7 percent considering last week, but went down 6 on the daily basis. Some traders can load longs around $250, but on the other hand ETH bulls may close more that $300 before buying dips.

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