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80 per cent of all Bitcoins that can be produced are completed with mining activities. So far the number of Bitcoin produced has reached 17 million. Only 4 million Bitcoins left.

According to, 16 millionth Bitcoin was created a year ago, 17th million Bitcoin was ‘dug’ the day we passed. Satoshi Nakamoto, anonymous architect of crypto-currency, designed Bitcoin to be able to have up to 21 million units.

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It is known that Bitcoin was first produced in January 2009. According to the report, it is said that the first 1 million Bitcoin will be produced with mining for 200 days past, while 16 million is expected to reach 17 million more than 500 days.

Bitcoin mining, which has been shown to be the reason for this, requires higher knowledge and experience as progress is made. Along with this, it is estimated that 4 million Bitcoins left behind will be excavated within 12 years.

Bitcoin’s unknown creator Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to have 980,000 Bitcoins. This corresponds to 4.7 percent of the circulating Bitcoins.

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