Tron [TRX] Estimated Price and Technical Analysis 2018, 2020

The cryptocurrency market is in a trend of moving down as the seller pressure soar. Volatility is seen for beyond of the expiry of CME Bitcoin Futures contracts so the prices are down. On last 24 hours, Bitcoin has lost 3% against USD. Nonetheless just before expiration of these future contracts Bitcon took a hit and dropped down from CME or Cboe. Despite the TVM launch Tron [TRX] prices are in distortion. The TVM launch supposed to be a milestone considering the history of company, yet it did not make a positive effect on pricess and TRX has kept rolling down.


After two days of hurricane on TRON [TRX] prices, now it is time to heal. At this very moment pricess are experiencing a stiff level up. The TVM launch and other revelations seem to have taken over investor woes about the Bitcoin futures expiry.The pricess have found support at $0.023. The prices have crossed the 100 EMA line trading at 0.0245 to exhibit an uptrend. Although the MACD indicates that the prices are still in very unstable trend. Resistance level for the prices momentarily can be noted at $0.026. Breaching the resistance level might considered as a stable and fixed uptrend for new prices. The coin trading is currently at $0.0247 and still losing value against USD by 2.89%.


At this moment 1 TRX has same value with 0.00000356 BTC and still losing the game against against BTC by 2.70%.

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Predictions for Tron Price 2018, 2020

  • ⦁ In the next five months TRX will likely to level up as high as $0.065 according to Seekping Alpha’s stock market insights. The announcement also shows that the coin possibly will around 1.1-1.4 percent of the total market of cryptocurrency.
  • ⦁ There is a prognostication about digital asset which will hit $1 in five years perod according to Expectitation for Coin Switch also insighted of $0.2 in the coming 15-18 months for digital asset.

Latest Updates on Tron

  • ⦁ On mobile world TronWallet is now available for both iOS and Android versions announced by Justin Sun.
  • ⦁ TVM has launched today by Tron and the details, developments about future projects revealed. Project Atlas the main future development project. Project Atlas will be a bridge between the technology of peer-to-peer network by BitTorrent and the Tron will set some BitTorrent protocol extensions with blockchain network.
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