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DeVere Group, an independent financial consulting firm and investment advisory service in a number of areas, said that Ethereum could reach $2,500.

According to Nigel Green , the founder of the company, indicating that Ethereum, the world’s second largest crypto-bank by transaction volume, could make a significant rise due to the growing use of smart space and the development of its smart contract system:

“The price of ethereum may show a large increase this year and may reach the levels of $ 2,500 according to our estimates. The same trend will continue in  2020. We expect this increase to be based on three main components. First and foremost, more and more platforms are beginning to use Ethereum’s Blockchain. Again, the number of people using Ethereum’s smart contract system is increasing day by day. Finally, the development of decentralization in cloud computing can reflect an increase in prices.”

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Green also concludes that the legal regulations for crypto money markets must be enforced, and that such a move would result in increased confidence in the market and investor safety. Green says that it is possible to have more investment in the market at this point, and it is believed that there will be an increase in prices.

Green also mentioned the increase in Bitcoin prices last December, while the price of Bitcoin in recent months, sharp changes in the opinion of the insisted. Green investors warned that they should be cautious, indicating that the price has risen and that there may be serious corrections later on.

Ethereum Forecast

Ethereum has had quite a rough year, but will this situation continue? What value will Ethereum have by the end of 2019? Will the price of Ethereum surge toward unseen all-time-highs? Or are we in for another bear year? Many crypto experts believe that as blockchain becomes more widely adopted, the price and reputation of Ethereum will increase accordingly.

Here are some Ethereum price predictions.

Matthew De Silva: Close to zero

Matthew De Silva, a cryptocurrency journalist at Quartz, made his price prediction known in September after prices crashed to the $179 mark.
The argument that De Silva made was that Ethereum is reaching its natural state, which, according to him, is close to zero.

Joseph Raczynski: Ethereum will hit $1,200 by Q4 2019

Joseph Raczynski, the founder of and a key blockchain influencer with a Twitter following of 153K, expects the value of Ethereum to hit $1,200 by Q4 2019. He attributed his projection to the popularity of Ethereum’s proof of concept among institutional investors. He also added that the network has the largest developer community.
‘They are one of the most real projects to date. Nearly all large organizations are testing on this platform’, Raczynski said.

Tom Lee: $1900 by the end of 2019

According to Tom Lee, head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, Ethereum is about to rally strong, pointing at its recent sharp losses, and stating that the digital currency is well-positioned for a recovery.
While Lee may be highly bullish on Ethereum’s price prediction, Tim Enneking, managing director of Digital Capital Management, disagrees.
He said that such a price move is highly unlikely. ‘There are no drivers to push ETH to 40% above its prior all-time high’, he added.

Bitcoin price could be $25,000

Tom Lee, founder of Fundstrat, who has been researching crypto-money for the past few days, said he was relieved to Bitcoin in the past days and stated that he thought that a Bitcoin price could be $25,000.

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