CEO Roger Ver May Be Sued For “Controversial” Bitcoin Cash Propaganda

The CEO and’s first investor, Roger Ver, will probably be sued for charging the ‘controversial’ Bitcoin Cash (BCH) propaganda.

Money Trigz , a named telegram user, recently set up a web page named case / vic and a web page named Bitcoincomdavası. There are 561 people in the group and they all want to file a lawsuit with for all the wrong information they have given Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as real Bitcoin [BTC].

One of the most influential people known for Roger Ver, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash has increased the habit of spreading the true bitcoin of Roger Bitcoin Cash ever since he announced that he would go to Bitcoin Cash fork.

It even went beyond that, starting to show Bitcoin Cash on the internet page as Bitcoin [BCH] and Bitcoin as Bitcoin Core [BTC]. This inaccurate information resulted in many users who wanted to get Bitcoin [BTC] accidentally receive Bitcoin Cash [BCH]. This event turned into a call for the boycott of the site by the users, creating the shock effect in the majority of the Bitcoin community. Some Bitcoin [BTC] entrepreneurs say they are already ready to donate money for the case file.

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The founder of the group says:

“We have a lot behind them, and a lot of people from within the industry are offering us a private message and suggestions from different legal jurisdictions. I can say that some of your approaches and proposals are very serious, but beyond that I can not give any information. Send us all who lost their money using the platform or wallet. ”


“I can say for the managers that it is good that we set up this group to support those who came forward and were in possession of Roger’s bitcoin fraud. Fortunately I am not one of the victims and I have always reported his fraud. I am willing to invest in this case to stop from swindling people. ”

Julival Reis , a telegram user in the group:

“Hello, beyler. How can we donate? I am from Brazil and I want to help you. ”

Another telegram user John:

“This organizing effort will prove a serious point against the misinformation that lies on this site. The existence of this case is making a very positive and constructive end to it. ”

FourZeroOne 401 :

“This case is caused by falsehoods / frauds that have been made to show people something that is not actually so, and the propagation of inaccurate information that is continuing to do so. Which is the sought-after blood for filing a lawsuit and filing a lawsuit. ”

The px403 , a reddit user, has a completely different view:

“Who made you fool? BCH Shuang is at the highest level of all time. Even if someone accidentally bought a BCH instead of BTC (which I do not think is serious), they can buy BTC as they would like with the profits they get. In both cases, they certainly did not buy it from Roger. They have probably taken it from a place that makes the distinction between Coinbase and Coinbase very sharp, or the fraudster who recently tried to sell chuck-e-cheese tokens as Bitcoin.

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