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Most of people acknowledge that Binance as the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange which is kind of false positive approach when you see the reason. And the reason behind this is about ascending trading volüme which is combination of official” exchanges. This comparison is not exactly true predominantly because of BitForex generates more volume. CoinMarketCap excludes this exchange so the false positive approach comes into account. Hence the result does not look as expected in the first place.

#6 Bithumb

In the cryptocurrency world, South Korea is rising up which is important. In the country, when you consider the trading volume Bithumb is the bulkiest exchange excluding an issue they had earlier this year. Last week Bithumb volume generated another $2.061bn. There were 43 different trading markets accommodated by the platform.


Lately ZB.COM is marking the territory on the altcoin trading commerce. Dash trading generated by them is about $2.25bn worth of volume for just last week. The volume itself is allotted across 78 individual trading markets. When it comes to competition among different trading platforms heat of the game is climbing up distinctively which is the limit of satisfactory numbers.

#4 Bitfinex

In the Western World Bitfinex is trying hard to get into top three successfully and therefore oftenly considered as the biggest fiat currency exchange. Weekly volume is about $2.545bn as yet platform falls a bit short. With the help of the latest addition of Tezos, the company is aiming to reach out even higher weekly trading volume while moving forward.

#3 Huobi

Huobi is another popular digital asset trading platform among cryptocurrency traders even if it seems abandoned by lots of people. Weekly volume is collossal with 275 markets and resulting worth of $3.763bn. In this perspective, the result is auspicious, considering arthritic competition with Bitfinex .

#2 OKEx

Another exchange is the OKEx which dived into cryptocurrency world in remarkable condition. Conspicuously when it comes to top trading altcoins, OKEx is a cipher force. The company has the largest selection of trading pairs with 509 available active markets today. Weekly volume seems an admirable state with worth of $4.6bn.

#1 Binance / BitForex

Perspective really matters on how you see the leading exchange ranked by volume. There are two choices, Binance and BitForex. Binance maintains to spread over 382 different markets and $5.837bn worth as a number one on CoinMarketCap. Actually, BitForex is the number one with $26.912bn in weekly volume across 83 markets. Anyhow this platform is under lots of speculation caused by reports regarding abnormal trading behavior. One should always do own investigation when it comes to bidding funds to any kind of platform and exchange.

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