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Litecoin (LTC) may have had a uneven time on the past few months as opponents worked to fragment airs about it, but the founder, Charlie Lee, isn’t taking the hits. Charlie took to twitter to release a hurricane of argument that made people surprise – but in a good way.

Charlie And Litecoin – Big Picture

Charlie hunted to disperse fears and doubts that surround Litecoin and its ultimate features in his tweets,. The recent months have seen Charlie and the Litecoin platform become targets of close inspection from numerous players within the crypto community. One important points of emphasis was Litecoin-Charlie relation.

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Litecoin has the 7th largest market capitalization which makes it quite some participant as impartially robust cryptocurrency. Specifically throughout the recent retro of down trend gush in the over-all crypto market. According Charlie price of LTC has been intentionally stunted, additionally it’s network has been known to be faultless and handling nearly $200 million value of transactions on daily basis so far.

The Tweetstorm

In his tweet-hurricane, the founder fixated on key features of the network system, and that encompassed LTC’s transaction size, safety, payment processors, dues, mining, and platform advancement. First, he made a shot at people and funds that he claims have been trying to short LTC’s value because they see it as a hazard, saying that Litecoin still has great value to bid.

Charlie tossed a bone to chew up to those who think LTC is no longer sole. He declared that with more than $150MM of ASIAC hardware mounted to protect of the network and surely that LTC’s network is one of the most secure in the cryptocurrency industry at all. He also mentioned that the network dominates Scrypt mining, adding that LTC’s liquid assets are inordinate and that the crypto will soon be listed on Gemini. LTC is accepted by most of payment processors including BTCPay, CoinGate, GoCoin, TravelbyBit, CoinPayments, LTCPay, Coinbase, Alliant Payment, and Globee.

Charlie argued that Litecoin is still needed as it can interoperable  with BTC on the Lightning Network and Bitcoin’s scalability. He declared that LTC essentially helps BTC, referring to latter year when LTC demonstrated SegWit’s game theory and helped Bitcoin to activate it.

At the top point of tweet storm Charlie stated that LTC is quiet developing and liberating updates, opposing to some people’s certainty that it’s been inactive for months. He reminded to importance of the DoS bug patch release. He further contended that in the crypto world LTC has the sturdiest communal support.


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