NEO Price – 3 Controversial Forecast for Late 2018 – Crypto News Today

Look at the three controversial NEO price forecasts of traders on tradingview. Choose your side wisely. The Bears or the Bulls?

These days, people are in cryptocurrency market just for gains; after all, speculation is everywhere around the crypto world. With regard to the price of NEO, these three forecasts emphasize an intriguing potential for the future of this project.

Three NEO Price Forecasts:

#3 The Double Bottom

When it comes to price forecast charts, a number of intriguing terms of technical analysis could greet the eye. The price of NEO is expected to get a double bottom according to BitcoinCompass from tradingview. Such trend will slightly force NEO to reach $17.7, or maybe $19.5.

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Although the price was keeping its place over $17.7 recently, most traders would embrace these outcomes. In near future, it is not expected to recover back to the level of $25. In this respect, it is still early to talk but the price of NEO would probably not have the chance to reach an all-time peak in 2018.

#2 Back to $3.74.

It is obvious that the cryptocurrency speculation world hosts a number of bears. Numerous people are aware of that upcoming weeks will bring a lot of crumbling in. According to Coinkilavuz, NEO may really see the level of $3.7.

This is particularly expected if the crypto cannot break the level of $21.2. According to the forecast above, this value is actually not expected to be reached in near future. On the other hand, a plummet to $3.7 appears bearish for sure. Other major price levels will be determining for the rush expected within the upcoming weeks.

#1 The Hope of $12 Range

Naturally, people wish to get cryptocurrencies at a lower price than now. Particularly Bitcoin is a true example, and now, Neo price followers appear to do so. In a forecast by Kryptowavetrader, this is clearly represented. This user believes that NEO will drop into the $12 range quite soon.

This will be resulted from NEO following Ethereum in terms of the price pattern. In this respect, Kryptowavetrader openly indicates that the price of NEO is not stable for now. He says that the market will force another leg down as slow as $12. It seems possible but it would be better to remember that the cryptocurrency world is prone to sudden changes.

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