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Bitcoin predictions for 2018 by experts on-site.

The market prices rely on different factors aside from demand and supply as the most essential forces, and such a highly volatile cryptocurrency market does not allow easy predictions. At those times when Bitcoin hit its peak, it turned out to be very popular and widely recognized. Being popular in this area as a cryptocurrency is quite challenging as it wouldn’t be possible to get widely recognized unless the cryptocurrency has an essential working principle. The price of Bitcoin has been surging up and down, starting from its release, and people are always trying to forecast the market, sometimes successfully and sometimes by failing. Thus, forecasting the market is a quite difficult task, which could be represented as gambling for future. You can find below the 10 infamous Bitcoin forecasts for 2018.

  • 1. Thomas Lee

According to Thomas Lee, the Bitcoin’s price will reach the $25,000 level in 2018. As one of the most pioneering cryptocurrency investors, he is the co-founder of Fundstrat, a research company. He employs data science techniques, and his forecasts are widely deemed beneficial. He believes that the prices would go up to $125,000 as of 2022. His popularity in the crypto world results from his bullish attitude to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
  • 2. Max Kiser

He bought Bitcoin for just $3, which makes him one of the oldest cryptocurrency investors. His Bitcoin forecast for 2018 is that the prices would hit the level of $28,000 and keep moving upwards to an approximate $100,000. Furthermore, he always criticizes the conventional financial world functions and the cons of centralized financial authorities.

  • 3. John McAfee

As a former computer enthusiast, he is now ambitious with Bitcoin and has always been positive for cryptocurrencies, especially for Bitcoin, and he has been a true factor encouraging or discouraging the use of various cryptocurrencies in the crypto world. According to John McAfee, the Bitcoin’s price will reach the $1 million level in 2018. He is really confident in his saying.


  • 4. Trace Mayer

Along with his extensive past with gold investments, he is overall one of the oldest investors in the financial market. He assumes Bitcoin as a real value for 2018, and actually he had suggested to get Bitcoin when its value was approximately $0.25. According to Trace Mayer, the Bitcoin’s price will definitely reach the $115,000 level in 2018.

  • 5. Jameson Lopp

Ambitiously running Casa, a crypto wallet, he believes that the prices will burst in 2018 and possibly reach $250,000 by 2020. He was a Bitgo software developer once and left there for developing his very own cryptocurrency wallet.

  • 6. Tim Draper

As the founder of Draper University, he is one of the most widely known cryptocurrency investors, believing that the Bitcoin price may reach $250,000 until 2020 if the trend keeps itself intact. The market fluctuations may result otherwise in the prices being compromised.

  • 7. Kay Van-Petersen

As a Saxo bank employee and crypto enthusiast, his forecasts have always been popular. For 2018, he believes that the prices may hit $100,000.

  • 8. Tyler Winklevoss

In the crypto world, the Bitcoin’s price is widely believed to be underrated and reach up to 40 times its current value by the cryptocurrency millionaires. According to them, the Bitcoin’s price will hit the $320,000 level in 2018.

  • 9. Jim Cramer

This American cryptocurrency investor believes that the Bitcoin’s price will reach the $1 million mark in future.

  • 10. Don Tapscott

This Canadian author is the co-founder of Blockchain Research Institute and believes that the blockchain prices are to sore as the companies welcome the blockchain technology.


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