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The overhead resistance breakout of $5.65 does not comprise a basis for bulls. EOS, contrary to our expectations, did not rise and recovered from $6.3117 on September 22.

EOS is now testing again the $5.65 breakout. The moving average support is just under the existing level. If the support bears the load, the EOS/USD pair will try again to head to $6.8299.

If this support breaks down, there may occur a decrease to the support level $4.50. The digital asset has established a continuation head and shoulders pattern, headed towards breaking $4.4930. Thus, we recommend the traders to keep their stops on the long position at $4.40.

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On September 23, Stellar hit $0.30434761 on September 23, just under its target, $0.3157505. The bulls broke out the downward trend of the descending triangle, but they appear not being able to keep higher levels.

The XLM/USD pair, as a bearish sign, has re-plummeted back into the descending triangle. There occurs a support at $0.24987525 and below from the moving averages. A drop towards under $0.21 could possibly cause retesting the critical level of $0.184 support. Thus, those long with our recommendation can draw their stops to $0.21.

In case the bulls push above the in-day highs of September 23, the virtual asset will have a backing.


On September 23, the Litecoin recovery reached a resistance at $63,650. Now, it is attempting to get support at the moving averages.

There is a consolidation between $49.466 and $69.279 now with regard to the LTC/USD pair. According to the moving average flattening with the RSI at the mid, the range bound seems to keep acting for a couple of more days.

The overhead resistance breakout will accomplish the double bottom pattern, with the target being $89. Any possible break below the moving averages could draw back the digital currency right into the bottom of the range. We advise the investors to try a long position only in case of a breakout and close (UTC zone) above $69,279.


On September 23, 50-day SMA was not broken out by Cardano; so, there occurred a draw back to the 20-day EMA.

If the support endures, a rise to the level of $0.111843 is probable. However, if the bearish trend draws the ADA/USD pair below the 20-day EMA, a drop to $0.071355 is likely to happen.

The moving averages are flattening, with the RSI being in neutral zone. At the current level, we are not encouraging a trade as we do not see any stable buy setup.


The 20-day EMA, as a probably firm support, Monero has dropped down to the 20-day EMA. If the bulls get a rebound from the moving average, there would be a probable rise to the level of $140.

The symmetrical triangle keeps having the XMR/USD pair. A new trend may be started with a triangle breakout and $150. Thus, we recommend the traders to keep their stops on the long position at $100.

If the expected support does not come from the 20-day SMA and the 50-day SMA, the level of $83 can be possibly retested.


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