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Volume of Crypto Trading To Rise 50% in 2019

There is a bearish trend in the crypto market for now. It’s obvious. On the contrary, the industry is expected to capture a double-digit growth within the next year following the the trader lust gradually coming back.

Satis Group’s research indicated that the volume in crypto trading will remarkably increase by 50% in the next year. The volume will be highly substantial in the US, and the trends appear to identify a fair chance for crypto trading to hit the 10% level of the equity trading volume in the US.

At present, the volume of US equities is estimated to be an approximate $74 trillion, and the cryptocurrencies will be trading at $7.3 trillion by the end of the next year, according to Satis’s research.

Bitcoin Prevails!

Bitcoin will keep shining in the market. Currently, Bitcon, Tether, and Ethereum have 33%, 22%, and 12% of the trading pairs, respectively, in the market. 48% of the market makes the USD ranking as the first in the fiat currency pairs. 27% makes the Japanese Yen the second, and 9% turns the Euro out to be the third. With 7%, the South Korean Won is associated as well.

Besides, the exchange trading fees are expected to rise in line with the market developments. They will perform way beyond $3 million from 2018 or $2.1 billion from 2017, to possibly reach $4.5 billion. On the other hand, one cannot be sure whether the use will improve or limit the percentage, if not letting them as the same.

Biggest Exchanges Will Take Lion’s Share

In case Bitcoin remains as the king in 2019, the major exchanges from 2018 will accompany it. The research emphasized that the exchanges becoming more popular these days are highly probable to keep getting most of such fees.

The growth will not be fairly shared among the companies, and those bigger will grow more than the smaller firms as they will be ready and grounded long since. Among these exchanges are Binance, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bitmex, Coinbase Pro, HitBTC, Huobi and OKex.

For example, Binance covers 14% of the total trading volume, which the number is 12% and 9% for OKEx and Huobi, respectively.

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