The Effect Of Fintech: How Will It Impact Future of Payments and Global E-Commerce?

The Effect Of Fintech And Payments Innovations: The global payments landscape has grown tremendously over the past few years. The uncurbed and rapid evolution of online and mobile commerce has introduced many new payment methods. E-wallet, peer-to-peer payments are all products that are designed to comfort the consumers and benefit them from digital commerce. The conventional payment methods are slowly being wiped off.

The birth and growth of the international e-commerce platforms break down all the barriers and revitalizing businesses. These have greatly facilitated economic trade, and advanced technology worldwide.

The old, crumbling payment pillars are being vanquished by the major technology companies such as Facebooks, Google, Apple with their cutting-edge strategies. This gives tough time to the emerging markets in different countries that have separate frameworks, issuers, processors. This will make payment methods appear the same on the surface but their internal mechanization will be entirely different.

The payment preference varies from country to country. Therefore, the emerging markets have to rely on alternative payment methods. This need has given birth to many significant technologies and companies that touch the payment arena in markets across the globe. The complexity of the emerging markets has pushed e-commerce and digital goods companies to partner up with payments technology companies that can root in locally relevant payment mix. Following should be contemplated before partnering with payment technology:

  • The insight of local banking infrastructure
  • Robust and conforming technology garnered in one platform
  • A firm grip on local laws and risks.

How Will It Impact Future of Payments and Global E-Commerce?

The consumer needs are evolving simultaneously with the digital banking and technology. This gives the opportunity to the merchants and payment providers to take hold of the rein and gain a stronger global foothold. Governments across countries also play their role in welcoming cross-border e-commerce to encourage digital payment innovation.

There is more growth to be seen in mobile checkouts, availability of branded payment apps, and the broader availability of multi-currency cards. The biggest tech companies are out there seeking customer loyalty in the payment arena, more features are being embedded in the desktop and user-friendly interfaces are being made. Huge companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple will soon deploy in-browser payments while other social media platforms will brandish commerce platforms and cross-border money transfer in-apps.

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Kamil Arli Koch is a tech journalist based in Germany. He is Fintech Reporter for TheOofy and covers stories about European fintech companies and EU fintech regulations. He was the editor of Digital Review, a tech trends magazine awarded as one of the best tech influencer brans of USA.  He has worked as Social Media Coordinator of Business Life. He has also worked as media expert for research institutions. You can reach him at Linkedin: Twitter: