Dash CEO talks about their new technology ‘Evolution’ (DASH Forecast)

Recently, the CEO Money program, presented by Todd Rowan and Linda Butcher , interviewed Ryan Taylor and Bradley ZastrowThe CEO of Dash’s main group is a broad-based expert in financial services technology and strategy, as well as a payment industry expert.

Prior to Dash’s business division, he worked in MCkinsey’s financial services department, and soon after that he worked in a hedge fund unit in New York . He joined the Dash group as Finance Manager and continued to rise until 2017 when he became CEO of Dash.

Bradley is chairman of the Global Business Development Division at Zastrow Dash. Prior to Dash, he worked at American Express and has a total of 17 years of experience in the industry.

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Dash, an organization formed in 2014 due to Bitcoin forku. According to the press time, CoinMarketCap ranks 13th in the rankings. The list price is decreasing by -1.5% in the last 24 hours according to the press time and is circling around $ 480 .

Ryan Taylor on the market gave Dash a general overview of the technology used by the crypto currency. Dash is similar to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, but he pointed out that Dash’s point is the element that separates them.

Dash is a payment-centric crypto currency, which means that they make all the technological, business and marketing strategy decisions only on a pay-as-you-go basis as opposed to other options offered by crypto-money (privacy etc.).

He also answered questions about how they did it.

Dash partly redesigned the way this whole network managed itself. He said that in their nets there is a second layer whose name is called masternode layer and can fulfill special functions not found in other networks.

One of their most popular features is known as the “instant send” feature, which allows approvals to be received within approximately two seconds. For this, we can say that the credit card authorization that allows Dash to be used as a payment method at the point of sale.

During this interview, Ryan Taylor stressed that he was CEO of Dash’s main group, not the Dash Network group. In addition, he talked about the difference between these two groups by mentioning how they both traded and worked. Dash Network is an independent and completely decentralized organization. While the users in the Dash Network make a decision, while working within the business unit, the Dash main group offers a more centralized and independent offer to fund the network they use to carry out their operations.

Ryan Taylor:

“In a way I am a subcontractor to this network, the subcontractor of the company network I work with and we are working for the needs of this network.”

Ryan shifted it to where it was supposed to be coming soon when asked about “Evolution” – the name of the new version of its software – to make it simpler. The goal of Evolution and Dash is to make the use of cryptographic currencies easier despite the difficulties caused by current cryptographic receivers and installations. It plans to allow users to log in from any device, send requests or payments to a friend.

The CEO of the company goes on to say:

“Evolution was marked by a” coming soon “pattern, but the CEO has not yet decided on any official market release date until now. Ryan said he was looking forward to releasing this version, as it would create a revolutionary effect in the crypto money market due to the view that ordinary users would make it easier to log in. However, users can observe the growth of this new technological development by providing access to demolition by Dash. Their goal is to drive it to the market during the third or fourth quarter of this year.

In addition to these, Ryan Taylor mentioned the necessity of organizing any crypto-linked software as open source software because it is one of the biggest reasons for an undecided market. Evolution will open up to the market as open source software and will be very helpful to the crypto-currency market, while at the same time it will be left open to the world as its most needed use.

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