Price of Dogecoin – Much Gains Over Bitcoin Adds More Attraction for DOGE

Dogecoin price has been holding comparatively stable in the past few days. Funiest part is, this “joke cryptocurrency” is doing better than the top 5 coins.

No doubt these are utmost interesting times for all cryptocurrencies. Even though the Dogecoin price does not necessarily look all that interesting, one has to look past the frontage on the surface. Its gains over Bitcoin are piling up real quick, which will in due course catapult the USD value back in the green.

Price of Dogecoin Seems Encouraging

Contrary to all other cryptocurrencies on the market, the Dogecoin price has not seen any key deteriorations over the past few days. While it is true sideways trading momentum is extremely boring to watch for an protracted period of time, one has to accept this altcoin is doing something most other cryptocurrencies – including Bitcoin – are not sufficiently expert as of right now.

A steady value is difficult to achieve at all times, unless it is a stablecoin. Dogecoin is anything but that, yet the joke currency of the internet fruitfully keeps $660m market cap and value of $0.0055 per DOGE. Even though there is a slight incline in USD value, DOGE is up by 3.79% in the BTC department. A strong performance of potential, considering these non-trouble-free times.

Leave it up to the Dogecoin communal to create some interesting memes during these genuine gains over Bitcoin. OnePumpMan shared an appealing image which contains DOGE, USDT, CryptoCurve, and Chainlink. Although it seems obvious there is only one feasible option in this regard, there are four options to pick from. Some worthy of note discussions will follow on regardless.

With all of the Dogecoin movement in place right now, a solid uptick seems practically unavoidable. The fact this “joke currency” can retain a steady value although Bitcoin and Ethereum cannot even if it doesn’t materialize, speaks volumes as well. A very thought-provoking period lies ahead for all currencies, and the Dogecoin price will endure of key interest to a lot of individuals.

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