Stellar Plummeted More Than 10% – 2 Price Forecasts

When it breaks the trendline, is it possible for XLM to endure the profit taking? Look at the two price forecasts of traders on tradingview.

At press time, Stellar was trading at the level of $0.24, after plummeting by 10% today. The existing XLM price is similar to 4 days ago although dropped a bit recently. Stellar is up for new excitements before the end of this year. Among them are the release of the Lightning Network and the involvement of State Channels.

2 Forecasts for Stellar Price:

Cryptocurrency price predictions are enjoyable for most of us, look at this pretty optimistic view from aamonkey on tradingsview:stellar price prediction chart.

According to the wave analysis, the chart indicated Stellar to be completed its first wave in the new bullish trend.

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As far as I’m concerned, the cryptocurrency markets are up for a bullish correction, and the traders are more impatient than ever. Just only a few altcoins are facing these substantial double-digit rises, which is a clear sign of bulls. Remaining optimistic without losing the reality is the key here.

On this bearish chart, CryptoMarket360 from tradingview signals a SHORT position:

According to the chart, Stellar reversed and broke the red trend line out. CryptoMarket360 advocates that if Stellar goes to lower levels than $0.24, “then look for a move all the way back to the breakpoint [which is $0.20].” Besides, he gave the weekly XLM supports and resistances:

Weekly S/R

Critical Resistance: $0.3308
Key Resistance: $0.2870

Key Support: $0.2457
Critical Support: $0.2071

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