TRON News Today: Bittrex Will Support TRON’s New Platform

The support from the renowned crypto money market Bitrex came from TRON, one of the most important crypto money players in the world, which will soon leave its platform on the Ethereum-based platform.

TRON, which previously explained that the Bit-Z exchange will also support the new platform, was also well on the week when it was listed on stock markets like Zebpay, Einstein, WaxirX and Bithumb .

TRON Price Today

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Finally, the news from Bittrex also made TRON investors happier while the following statements were used to explain the official Twitter account of Bittrex, one of the most important stock exchanges in the world’s daily trading volume:

“We support the platform change that TRON plans to do on June 21, 2018 as Bittrex Stock Exchange. We hope that all TRON investors will have more detailed information about the process by reading the customer support document on our website. Timing, functioning and other information are contained in this text. “

According to Bittrex’s statement, investors holding TRX will have their TRX quantities remaining the same after the platform change, and Bittrex will not support the old tokens. In a period of 21 June, when the platform change will take place, TRX operations will stop. TRX transfer transactions pending approval at 01:00 US time on June 21, 2011, are confirmed when the transaction is approved; It may not be TRX-like.

TRON founder Justin Sun, who gave a tweet about the topic , thanked Bittrex for his support;The rise of TRON also continues. TRON, which is traded at 0.089 USD with an increase of 11.8% in the minute of receipt of the article, is going on towards Satoshi at 1000, and now it is trading 947 Satoshiden . At the same time, the volume of daily trading is 5 billion dollars for TRON.

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, who is in the top 10 of crypto money with his latest developments, said this is just the beginning, and famous entrepreneur and investor Nikhil Gorwani said:

“After Bitcoin the 2nd and 3rd rank will definitely belong to TRON and Ethereum. In the near term, TRON will break its record and will continue to rise. “

A user called Preshen nickname, who also gave a tweet about the subject, is a bit more cautious;everything in this sector could be possible.

Yet crypto money investor Artur Ledowski, while praising TRON, said:

“In the last few days, TRON is the only crypto money that has ever risen wildly. The crypto money is already good, but it is even better if there are crypto money generating solutions to the problem! I think TRON is good for me. “

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