Cardano Listed in Kraken and Prices Changed Accordingly

Cardano can be considered as one of this week’s top performers adding 15 percent in the last week. The Cardano price is finally on the growth phase again, and it is dedicated to surpassing the $0.09 mark fairly soon. This shows the cryptocurrency industry is still in a very good shape despite how things may look at times.

Some News from Cardano Progression

Yet another good news: CoinBase, the US crypto exchange is facing rigid struggle forcing them to let go their prudence. It makes sense considering their needs. The exchange needs to mitigate itself against potential charges from unhappy investors. While this recent “asset addition” declaration is positive, it only applies to projects that contain decentralization with working products.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Cardano (ADA)

Apart from decentralization and efficacy, the company on behalf of the token or coin must meet with the rules of KYC and AML. This locks out privacy coins and similar ones. Developers of Cardano are busy writing code completing the Byron stage and with inconsequential full nodes it’s a difficult task because it doesn’t satisfy CoinBase’s Network Guidance circumstances.

Cardano has three full nodes on the world wide and this is the single point of failure, the centralization that daunts CoinBase from listing such projects. In the next stage of development–project Shelly plans, faces decentralization.

Cardano Price Momentum Kicks In

Numerous altcoins have increased in value, over the past few days. That list includes some of the top currencies, even though most of the action seems to take place well outside of the top 20 currencies ranked by market cap. The momentum has begun spilling over to all of the other coins in the top 15 as well. The Cardano price shows some stimulating actions, which may be a hint for the future.

Cardano is momentarily fighting with the $0.09 resistance after hitting a low of $0.06 in the past few days. This is made possible courtesy of just over $112m worth of volume, which indicates there is a huge amount of buying and selling in ADA. Most of this volume commences from the Binanceexchange, and Upbit is getting in on the action as well. Reaching a price of $0.09 is not entirely impossible, assuming the momentum holds true for a while longer.

Cardano experienced a strong growth amid news that cryptocurrency exchange and Kraken would add support for the coin. Kraken still considered to be one of the world’s foremost cryptocurrency exchanges, is in the process of listing Cardano on its platform. This indicates the company has a lot of hope for this specific altcoin and supposes to remark some strong trading volume because of its future.

Technical Analysis

When looking at the technical analysis side of things, it would appear the Cardano price will see bullish momentum for most of the day. A lot of technical factors are coming into play and are bring into line up nicely. That should outcome in some stimulating price momentum for ADA in the near future, although there is no telling how high the price may go in the near future.

For Cardano things are looking pretty good at the moment. Bearing in mind that how there is a lot of positive momentum, it may efficiently result in a new price upsurge before the day is over. Cardano also notes some strong improvements over Bitcoin in the past 24 hours, which further settles altcoins advantage from the ongoing Bitcoin price level up.

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