Time to Rally for Ethereum! ETH Will Hit $1,900, Ethereum Prediction 2019

Ethereum (ETH) fell 84% from its all-time high of $ 1,400 in January. Ethereum, “rally to be strong,” and at the end of 2019 can go up to $ 1,900.

Ethereum has shown lower performance in the last three months compared to other top crypto coins and traded at $ 222 per print period.

However, according to Price analyst Lee, he says the price is low and that investors give the opportunity to buy and catch up on future profits. Ethereum expects a trend to reverse, JP former manager of JPMorgan said, and because of various factors he saw an unfair. There is competition from the EOS competing to become the best blockchain platform for developers.

Thomas Lee: ETH Will Hit $1,900 in 2019

Before the end of this year, many estimates were made about the value and growth of digital currencies in the market. However, the value of most coins is far from their predicted value, as they are strongly influenced by the bears.
According to the note written by Thomas Lee,

“The digital currency, which has seen a massive sell-off this year as investors lost interest in the digital currency market, is about to bounce back dramatically.”
Lee said Ethereum (ETH) has lost 50 percent of its value over the last three months and it has been outperformed by large-cap digital currencies by two standard deviations, which is a clear indication that is it time for a rebound.

In addition to this,
Tom Lee has gotten some flack from crypto investors for his overly bullish predictions on Bitcoin (BTC).

Throughout the summer, he was adamant that Bitcoin would reach $25,000 by end of year although that scenario now appears highly unlikely.
Lee said that Ethereum was subjected to sales pressure from the first-year money offers of this year (ICO).

In early September, ICOs received Ethereum $ 192 million ($192) from fundraising activities. EOS’s Ethereum blockchain to move into the network.

Vitalik Buterin told Bloomberg;

if you talked to the educated person, he would probably have heard about the block chain at least once, and that there would be no opportunity to grow 1000 times more in anything in the field, said.

Ethereum Co-Creator Joseph Lubin said that;

Something that supports the truth over government-approved power. This new cryptocurrency system provides information, lowers costs and adds value to transactions between who owns it. He also stated that Creating a consensus without a central actor is a profound evolution of the social contract. The result of this new system is that economic intermediaries can explore the potentials of new types of assets.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Increases 2.9% in Seven Days

The cryptocurrency market was mixed this week with the upward and downward trend in prices over a seven-day period.

Last week, bullfight increased, which increased the price of crypto coins and sub-prices, but followed an unexpected downward trend in prices fell. Ethereum Classic increased by 2.9% on the weekly chart.

Ethereum Classic Price Now

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was trading at $11.32. This indicates a 3.20% rise against the USD and a 0.27% rise against Bitcoin.

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