EOS Price Analysis and Forecast 2018

With the start of 2018, there have been many decreases due to market fluctuations. However, many crypto units ignored these breaks and made very important movements and succeeded. One of them, EOS took an unforgettable step by launching its own MainNet this year. EOS is working to make its network more reliable and better for addressing a wider audience.

What is EOS airdrop?

Airdrop is defined as the fact that crypto money projects distribute coins or tokens free of charge to users. It is a preferred marketing strategy in this sector. The aim is not only to reward users and investors. At the same time it is aimed to create awareness about crypto. A general and mass adoption in relation to the project is intended as a goal of holding money. With a complete list of EOS Airdrops you can profit from this marketing strategy. This strategy, which is one of the best marketing strategies, helps the existing users to deliver to the wider masses through activities and in this case to adopt the EOS airdrop. Airdrops are usually carried out by many projects in coin networks. In this way, the coins are converted to money more users and supporters are receiving.

Recently, EOS airdrops have become more popular and activities have taken place in the past months. The events are expected to continue in the coming years and the EOS community is waiting for new airdrops. Some pre-programmed airdrops have still not been set. Among these airdrops; wallet MORE, China block maker is the candidate of EOSpace, a claim portal EOSbet and dApp GiveyNation. CADEOS, a pre-programmed airdrop, is a more efficient and easier to manage platform for users. It also aims to organize the direct sharing of CAD files. CADEOS airdrop is expected to be unveiled in December this year.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)

EOS Long-Term Price Prediction

The long-term trend of EOS / USD is changing.
Resistance levels were trading at $ 6.5, $ 7.0, and $ 7.5, while support levels were trading at US $ 5.5, US $ 5.0, US $ 4.5. EOS did not experience much fluctuation with the beginning of September. On September 1, the digital currency was balanced at a level of $ 6.38. The current status of digital money is between $ 4.70 and $ 6.0.

EOS/USD Medium-term Price Prediction

The medium-term trend of EOS / USD is changing.
Resistance levels were $ 6.0, $ 6.5, $ 7.0, while support level was $ 5.00 and $ 4.5. Last week the price of EOS was moving horizontally. The digital currency dropped below $ 5.39 and fluctuated between $ 5.39 and $ 5.75. The EOS price is expected to resist the price of $ 6.0. Currently there will be no trade advice because the digital currency is not a trend.

EOS/USD Short-term Price Prediction

EOS / USD The short-term trend is changing. When the 1-hour chart is analyzed, the price of EOS is moving horizontally. The price of EOS is not at the lower or upper levels of the EMA, which indicates a 12-day EMA and a 26-day price drop.

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