Litecoin Price Prediction 2018

Litecoin price (LTC/USD)

The price of the Litecoin (LTC / USD) tried to keep above $ 60 a monday after experiencing significant losses over the past few sessions.
Litecoin’s recent losses took place on Friday afternoon. With the digital currency rising to 64.42, the three-week high, the digital currency has lost its loss.
The coin session ended at $ 61.90 and fell below $ 60 on Saturday’s session. However, the medallion returned in the afternoon and finished the session at $ 61.61.
During the Sunday session, Litecoin continued to struggle while prices fluctuated. The $ 60 support, however, allowed the LTC to recover and alleviate its losses during the day, even if it was late. Litecoin opened on Sunday at $ 61.14, only slightly below the $ 61.63 opening level.

Market activity remained strong in today’s action-packed session. Recent data shows that the 45-million-dollar LTC tokens have changed hands in the last 45 hours. In particular, a trade volume ($ 77.3 million) produced on the DOBI Trade of small crypto exchange is excluded from this figure by Coinmaketcap.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Ethereum (ETH)
Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Litecoin (LTC)
Cardano (ADA)

In today’s trading, the Litecoin price stood at $60.01, as of 16:16 BST. The digital coin has lost 1.9% of its value in the past 24 hours.
Despite yesterday’s rebound facts, Litecoin did not gain enough speed in today’s operations. The price of the Litecoin, acting in a downward direction, has recently entered into trading and approached about $ 59.74 from $ 61. Since then, money has been able to compensate for some of its losses with a price of around $ 60, according to Coinmarketcap.

Litecoin Price:

The price of Litecoin is expected to be $ 59.00 against the US Dollar. LTC / USD should break the $ 62.00 resistance to reach the high level of $ 65.45 in the near term.
⦁ The price of Litecoin provides significant support in the region of US $ 58.80-59.00 (Kraken data stream).
⦁ LTC / USD has a large uptrend line with $ 60.40 support on the hourly chart.
⦁ The LTC price should remain above the $ 60.40 and $ 60.00 support levels to go higher.

After trading above $ 65.00, the price of the litecoin started a downward correction against the US dollar. The LTC / USD pair traded below the support levels of $ 64.00 and $ 62.00, supporting $ 60 support. More importantly, the LTC / USD parity has a large upward trend line with $ 60.40 on the hourly chart. If there is a downward rupture below the trend line and $ 60.00, there may be more losses in the near term below $ 58.85.

The next big support is $ 57.00 under $ 58.85. In the upward direction, there is a link bear trend line that is resistant to $ 62.00. When buyers clear their $ 62.00 resistance, more revenue can be made towards the $ 65.00 level. Nevertheless, the final fall in price has to reduce the 50% Fib recovery level from $ 65.45 to $ 62.15 ($ 58.85) and at the same time gain momentum.

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