Nem Coin Price Analysis: Dead or Sleeping?

The name of XEM is no longer heard on the news.. Nowadays, some people are now asking for XEM news. The Blockchain platform has not made headlines since the pirates were hacked $ 500 million NEM token from the Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck.
At the end of January,
The XEM tokens were just over the $1 mark. As with the market in general, 2018 is not polite to the NEM price; Two small rallies did not stop the the coin.
NEM traded at just under $ 0.1 at the end of last week and gained a market value of $860 million; at the beginning of the year reached $17 billion.

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Despite this, XEM was the big winner in this week. The market value of NEM has rose above the billion-dollar level earlier on Tuesday, increasing each coin to $ 0.11. The total value of NEM exceeded 100 million dollars in the last two days.


In short, NEM is a smart contracts and ready platform. XEM tokens for EEM markers and network charges are used in the Ethereum network in the same way as Ether (ETH). What makes NEM unique is its consensus algorithm.
Nodes, which are known as Measure Attribute (POI), are weighted in network activities as well as in wallet balances. This means that nodes with smaller wallets can have more effect in the NEM blockchain than their larger counterparts.

There are currently more than 20 projects in the NEM network. An infograph published on the official Twitter feed of the project last week shows that five of these are payment platforms. These include a privacy benefit Eroiy; A Brisbane-based project called TravelByBit, which uses crypto money to promote tourism in some parts of Australia; Part of the retail payment provider Pundi X (NPXS) also uses the NEM network to enable users to purchase tangible objects with cryptocurrency.

There is an open-source research application that seeks to promote three charitable foundations and closer chain cooperation based on the NEM network. In addition, there is also a platform for will-writing called NEMWill and an application to create digital carbon instruments launched at the beginning of September.

You Shouldn’t Disturb while the NEM is Sleeping!

XEM is growing, but slowly. When the NEM restarted in 2015, it had only a few Ethereum platforms. This is no longer valid;
The market is full of projects such as Cardano (ADA), VeChain (VET) and Zilliqa (ZIL).
The competition has strong fighters from last year’s large blockbuster public sales. In less than a week, two successful partnerships may have caused today’s price increase, but they are normally temporary.

The XEM price will continue to fluctuate; NEM needs to be based on stronger foundations.
NEM (XEM) Shows Double-digit Earnings as Crypto Market Leader
The start of the week for the virtual asset market is slower, with a few exceptions, such as bulls, which hinders vendors from continuing the previous seven-day earnings.

NEM – XEM/USD Today’s Winner

Market capitalization and the 17th largest coin NEM increased by 11.20% against the US dollar in the last 24 hours, reaching $ 0.1100. The level has not seen by HODLers since the tight sales in early September.

Similar to other tokens that have already set some good recovery steps, the forward XEM / USD may seem very positive.
Following 5 digital assets to its Merchants Gateway. One of them being NEM. This addition is as a result of upcoming Partner and Merchant requests at the firm.
⦁ Verge (XVG)
⦁ Tron (TRX)
⦁ ZenCash (ZEN)
⦁ Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

After launching the largest Blockchain Center in Asia, NEM (XEM), with its blockchain technology for industry-leading processing rates for internal ledgers, announced the release of two-blockchain hubs in Australia and New Zealand in the same month. $100 million.

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