Bearish Resistance & Significant Updates – IOTA (MIOTA)

IOTA’s PayPal with the new feature of delion API

Users can now send and receive IOTA payments via email.
The team behind the REST-API developed for IOTA’s Tangle api recently released a new feature for the management console they worked with. Users who subscribe to Delion can now send and receive their IOTAs by using email, similar to the popular payment processor PayPal.

That is to say, this similarity is addressed by Malik Dakaki, co-founder of Delion: api – in the publication published in Medium magazine.
He stated that his intentions were not sufficiently appealing to mass adoption, so that IOTA changed the user-friendly way without explicit use of a wallet or an encrypted address.
He stated as follows;

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)

Our first thoughts’ Why would PayPal have to know the email address to send and receive IOTA as the most widely used communication channel to users?
This means, you don’t have to worry about changing your recipient address every time an incoming transaction occurs – email addresses can be useful for businesses and donations as they are the only things they need to manage their funds.
Make it easier to understand and adopt.

He also said that,
Regardless of the actual performance of the Arabic language, there is a need for a fast payment channel that works smoothly.
In this sense, they are working on what they call a ”delion express“ payment system that will enable business models where time is a very important factor and the approval rates in Tangle can be ignored.

Another method focusing on more specific use cases is in the development phase and is now called “delion flow” payments more.

Tos um up, the Co-Founder Malik D. announced a giveaway of 100 MIOTA to try the new feature, and thanked the community for their constant support in its development.

IOTA has made a name for itself as one of the most promising obstacles in this generation. It is one of the most technological innovative platforms in the industry and has many applications that will change the game in different sectors.
IOTA has also created a formidable front through strong partnerships with reputable, multinational companies. However, as reported by, IOTA’s developmental growth does not reflect the price. In fact, the price of IOTA continues to fall against the USD.

IOTA (MIOTA) Long-term Price Analysis

In today’s morning, MIOTA stands at $ 0.53, $ 0.54, $ 0.55, and resistance levels are $ 0.64, $ 0.62, and $ 0.60 against the US dollar.
The IOTA started to change yesterday, but as the price changes, the graphs are also showing a rise in MIOTA’s price.
Price moved to the center of Bollinger Band. He tested the 50-day simple moving average. After that, a price correction was attempted. It is normal to start a long-term upward trend.

IOTA (MIOTA) Short-term Analysis

Short-term, the price of the coin is also falling. Graphs show strong movements in the short term.
The price in the market exceeded the short-term Bollinger Band of $ 0.58. This is where the piece found resistance. The ascension movement weakened and the bears began to retreat. This is done according to the price analysis of Azeer M in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

At the time of writing,
IOTA (MIOTA) was trading at $0.566813. This indicates a 1.04% fall against the USD and a 0.79% fall against Bitcoin.
The total market capitalization is $1,575,475,099 while the 24 hour trading volume is $20,738,899 according to the data on CoinMarketCapital.

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