Top 10 Bitcoin Mining Pools with Advanced Technology

Here will be discussed the top functional Bitcoin mining pools, which you may find interesting!

A mining pool identifies a network. In this network, the miners use their computing power to discover new blocks. In this regard, these miners acquire an award for contributing in the success rate from this network. In the cryptocurrency universe, mining pool turned out to be a pioneering concept as it results better than individual mining.

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Top Bitcoin Mining Pools

Mining Bitcoin comprises of a meticulous and a power consuming process intended for solving computational riddles via mining elements. In this regard, there are networks outside allowing miners to use their hashing power for increasing their chances to find new blocks as well as lowering the mining costs for Bitcoin.

Mining pool platforms, offering the best and most convenient Bitcoin mining properties.

  • AntPool

Bitmain Technologies Ltd’s AntPool is infamous with its innovative Bitcoin mining ASIC chip designs. Thus, it is number one in the Bitcoin mining pool list, having the highest block creation success rate since 16.4% of the existing Bitcoin blockchain blocks were discovered by this pool Additionally, the current hash rate in the pools is 8,192.71 EH/s.


Currently working with a hash rate of 8.07 EH/s, was founded in 2016. Additionally, among platform’s innovative properties are the full pay-per-share (FPPS) payment mechanism, BTC smart agent, and mining profit calculator.


With the current hash rate of 5.56 EH/s, 10.26% of the total Bitcoin blockchain blocks were discovered by BTC.TOP.

  • F2pool

11.32% of the existing blockchain blocks were discovered by F2pool. Furthermore, currently, the hash rate of the mining pool is 6.14 EH/s. The minimum amount to withdraw Bitcoin in this platform is 0.001 BTC. The VarDiff and a Stratum mining protocol are used.

  • Slush Pool

Satoshi Labs’s Slush Pool is a user-friendly mining pool within the crypto universe. With a hash rate of 4.98 EH/s, it is the fifth among the mining pools in the list, having the highest success rate in block discovery.

  • ViaBTC

ViaBTC’s current hash rate is 4.04 EH/s, and 8.12% of the total Bitcoin blockchain blocks were discovered by ViaBTC. Besides, PPS and PPLNS payment methods are both supported.

  • Huobi pool

Huobi pool’s current hash rate is 1.27 EH/s, and 2.35% of the existing Bitcoin blockchain blocks were discovered by this pool. On top of that, this pool has a native token, Huobi Pool Token (HPT). The pool is also connected to the crypto exchange platform of Huobi.

  • BitFury

As a private pool, Bitfury cannot be used by individual miners. Currently, the mining pool’s hash rate is 1.16 EH/s, and 1.16% of the existing blockchain blocks were discovered by this pool.

  • Dpool

Dpool’s hash rate is currently 1.39 EH/s as the ninth in the list of Bitcoin mining tools. 2.56% of the existing blockchain blocks were discovered by this platform.

  • Poolin

As the eighth mining pool in the list, Poolin’s hash rate is 1.39 EH/s. And, its native token is called as PIN.


Currently, the platforms above are the top mining pools within the crypto universe. On the other hand, the miners need to assess the pros and cons for taking a position among the mining pools.

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