IOTA Price Forecasts 2018-2019

IOTA investors are also curious about how the prices will draw a graph in the upcoming period, just like all other investors. However, IOTA’s consistent efforts and agreements have announced that 2018 will be quite bright for IOTA. So in this case, what are the 2018 IOTA price estimates and IOTA investment?

General Condition for IOTA Investors

IOTA has been conducting a stable work for a long time in the Internet of objects, which is thought to be one of the biggest sectors of the future. The size of the future promised by this sector has of course led to other competitors in the same field. But IOTA has always been at the forefront with its steady and serious work. IOTA was first launched on June 13, 2017. IOTA offered a remarkable and remarkable technology for its investors. It is this architectural technology that distinguishes this coin from Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto coins. Tangle. With this technology, users can approve their last two operations without the need for miners.

Name Price24H (%)
Bitcoin (BTC)
Stellar (XLM)
Dash (DASH)

We currently have more than 1800 crypto money. They’re all racing to take a place in the market. Especially in the crypto-money sector since the beginning of the year, many crypto money investors have preferred to become IOTA investors. Because IOTA has survived with its works and partnerships, it has managed to be one of the most resilient among all the crypto money with its price performance. If a bull season starts as expected in the upcoming period, one of the crypto coins that promises the most gains in this season will be IOTA again.

2019 IOTA Price Forecast

The most curious issues for IOTA investors are the IOTA price by the end of 2018, or the answers to the questions of the 2019 IOTA price forecast. During this writing, the IOTA price was $ 1.13. In the last 24 hours, the IOTA trading volume was over $ 72 million, while the IOTA market volume is now $ 3.147 Billion. IOTA ranks 9th in the market according to CoinMarketCap.

If you look at the IOTA price history and performances, you can find some tips to make a forecast with the 2019 IOTA price forecast. The IOTA price was traded at $ 0.35 in November 2017 and its market share was around 1 Billion Dollars. After just one month, the IOTA price reached 4 Dollars and the market share reached 11.6 billion Dollars. IOTA was in 4th place due to its market position. IOTA will be one of the crypto coins that will make the strongest return with its agreements and Trinnity wallet launch. This was especially seen in April as one of the crypto coins that made the fastest recovery in the increase.

According to these data, IOTA is likely to run at a level of 5 dollars during a bull season, and it can be expected a few times higher against Bitcoin. Experts also expect that IOTA’s work will surpass 5 USD with significant increases in favorable market conditions as it gets the fruit of its work and will spend 2019 with a value above 5 USD.

Can IOTA be invested?

For IOTA investors, 2018 seems to be a good year, 2018 IOTA Price Forecasts are generally more than $ 5 a price. Of course, no one can know how much price on this price IOTA $ 10 dollars is not even the question of the heads started to circulate.

Bitcoin’s technological bottlenecks offer a framework that will answer the technological dilemmas of Ethereum as well as the technological superiority of IOTA and those who ask for an investment in the future IOTA promised by the industry it addresses.
Another answer to the question whether IOTA is invested is to invest in VolksWagen, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, and will be introducing a manager to the board of directors. Currently working closely with IOTA VW on projects. Every time the executives of the automotive manufacturer explain that the technology is excited by what they offer. The question of whether the team at the beginning of the IOTA project is a judge and hard-working is even more clear.

IOTA Blinking for Investment

Current prices for IOTA investors may be available. IOTA is a real opportunity for long-term investment. However, it would be meaningless to expect big gains from these investments in a few weeks. Especially the long-term expectation of a much more meaningful investment is the idea of ​​IoT, that is, the area of ​​the Internet of Things, which is gaining speed in the world.

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