Earn cryptocurrency watching videos, sharing pictures: What it Takes in WhatsAround App

The world is filled with emerging technologies where the blockchain technology is becoming the exciting one and has labeled as the disruptive and innovative invention. It has been associated by the abundance of cryptocurrencies for the underlying technology as the distributed ledger. It records the transactions in a secure, stable and chronological way. This leads to the possible application in several areas. The blockchain network is the basic reason and grabbing the social media attention for connecting and sharing the content by the authors enabling third-party building an empire. The advancement is turning around every sphere and making the system feasible enough. From this perspective, WhatsAround App has emerged as a social media application program and it is permitting the users for sharing pictures and videos.

What is WhatsAround App

Before getting into anything, it is important to know what WhatsAround App is and the purpose of it. Basically, WhatsAround App is the social media platform rewarding the users of cryptocurrency forming Shotcoins. It is essential to perform on the app with every possible action providing the users to be on points regarding the Shotcoins incentive. The design of the platform enables the users sharing their activity through pictures and videos of places they travel. This will look like the sighting of detailed location on the map and the content will remain in the hands. This will incentivize the people to use it by the rewards of cryptos for the discovery of new places. The users can easily share upvote and comment on the pictures and videos of the posts across the globe. Such photos will be gazed at by the users while they are vacationing at their favorite destinations or can share something happening in their hometowns. It has different levels of expanding the community growth facilitating the personalized guide at the real-time reviewing the shares and updating the profile. This will help others to find a nice local village even in Cyprus or a fishing spot in Yosemite National Park.

How to Use WhatsAround App

The system of using WhatsAround App is simple. The app starts working as soon as the users sign up and create an account. It is free in WhatsAround App and after signing in people can share their shots, comment on others posts, and can connect with friends. The system makes sure that the user can earn up to $10 as an early adopter of the app and by the completion of profile the level will go up the coins will add up into the wallet. The app lets the users take photos through the easily accessible camera feature. The users have options to make their shared photos private if they are not willing to let the world see the photos and also give the feasibility to choose friends in social media and whom they want to see the photos.

How Does WhatsAround App Works

WhatsAround App pursues an easy access to uploading Shots directly into their feeds. The users can upload the pictures and photos being labeled with the preloaded hashtags. Such ideas will categorize the users facilitating the identification of similar types of photos and will share it with the public. This also lets people follow cities, towns and travel destinations. The users can earn Shotcoins through their activity on the site and can move to the next level ranking. They will make coins while the upvote their pictures. Later on, they can use those points for some certain purposes as soon as it becomes a decent amount of Shotcoins. The earned amount can be converted into USD or in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. If someone wishes, they can save it for further use or trade with other users. It also can be used for in-app purchases like Paypal cash, Amazon Playstore, Appstore, Starbucks gift card or even can be spent in around the coin stores.

Who Can Use the WhatsAround App

The WhatsAround can be used by any individuals who want to earn money and travel at the same time. People can upload their travel photographs, share their travel experience or just can use it for the purpose of socializing with others. It can be the best form of social media platform for those who love to snap pictures of optimal resources available at their surroundings and share that with friends. This can be a diary of the day-to-day scenery of Shots in a picture-perfect travel view.

What is the Motto of WhatsAround App

Mainly, WhatsAround App is trying to introduce people with a new form of cryptocurrency named ShotCoin. Therefore, they have made an innovative form of criteria to monetize the content towards the people and to encourage them in using ShotCoins. It would be helpful for the travelers or people who are adventures and interested in sharing quality videos and pictures promoting any place. The app also gives rewards according to the actions on the app through ShotCoins. So it is beneficial too to use WhatsAround App. The outdoor activities will work as inspiration for others and will be a way of earning cryptos by the upvotes, comments, and bookmarks. It seems to be the easiest way of earning cryptos without facing any other risks. Later on, these crypto coins can be used in any other in-app purchases according to the wish of the users.

Apparently, the WhatsAround App has the similarities with other social media fields but it is using the ShotCoins cryptos by monetizing the shared contents. It is like the rewards for the users of the app and lets them connect with other societies and individuals all around the world. The most interesting part of the app is its main focus of sharing traveling experience into the app while discovering new places and letting others know about the natural secrets throughout the earth. This will open doors to the enthusiastic travelers to be productive enough and enjoy newer places. The idea of sharing capability also makes sure to earn and who does not love earning while doing social media. So far it is the fastest and safest way for any individuals to get started in the world of cryptocurrency. WhatsAround App has opened a new dimension of earning cryptos and without any doubt, it is utilizing the greatest idea.

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Aamir Kapoor is a fintech writer specializing in cryptocurrency and blockchain. He has a background in finance and banking and was a researcher.