Bitcoin 6 October price view: BTC continues to stabilize

We have summarized the details of the Bitcoin 6 October price movements as follows:

Bitcoin retained its positive outlook by staying over $ 6,500 yesterday.

As the most critical movement of the past, Bitcoin’s sudden move in the night hours was about $ 6,700. But after this short-term move, we saw the BTC / USD parity return to its routine.

After a small correction to $ 6,550 in the morning, we see that the price of Bitcoin is on the rise again.

Bitcoin, 0.63 percent against the dollar in the last 24-hour period gained. Looking at the situation in Turkish crypto exchanges, Bitcoin started the day at 40,406 TL on the Paribu Stock Exchange, 40,657 TL on the BtcTurk Crypto Stock Exchange and 40,660 TL on the Sistemkoin Crypto Money Exchange.

Bitcoin 6 October price movements

Bitcoin’s last 48-hour chart on the 100 and 200 moving averages above the average of these levels are seen to hold well. Thus, investors who use the moving average levels as dynamic support ensure that the price rises again if they approach this level.

However, the shortage of buying transactions prevents the BTC / USD parity from exceeding $ 6,600. On the other hand, BTC parity, which makes small hills with inbound purchases, shows an upward momentum in each uptrend to increase peak levels.

The BTC / USD parity is on a quiet course, and the hourly chart is increasing the potential for new buyers every day when the price is over $ 6,500. According to this, Bitcoin is likely to see a leap as seen in the previous moves and then re-enter the $ 7,000 pot.

In addition, as a test of this jump last night, the sudden price increase (the graph seen in the wax 01) with an up-side movement may have been tested.

Important technical indicators for Bitcoin

Due to low volume operations, no signal can be received from the hourly MACD indicator yet. However, in the case of a fluctuation in the price movements, the MACD can work better for direction estimation.

Stochastic, which is a more sensitive indicator, indicates that the downtrend in the morning hours may not be considered as oversold, but that the price may rise at noon. On the other hand, the RSI, which is above the 50 level and will support the rise as it stays on this level, has the potential of rising despite its horizontal position in the morning.

Can it Break Bitcoin and Ethereum Resistance Points?

Bitcoin, which displayed a stable stance throughout this week, was generally above the $ 6,500 support level. With the support of investors, he had made several unsuccessful attempts to pass the $ 6,650 level, but unfortunately this was far from permanent.

BTC / USD is not likely to break the resistance points of 6,620 and 6650. However, BTC, which showed a sudden rise at 00.45 this night, rose from 6.565 to $ 6,628 (3:00). The $ 6,600 level is an important point of resistance for Bitcoin. If he can make $ 6,650 a place to climb up, it is likely that there will be an upward rise.

Ethereum’ta decline, the Queen is tired!

Likewise, the Ethereum price fell to $ 220 by the end of the week at $ 235 a week earlier. It is unlikely that he will be able to reach and rise to the level of $ 230, which is a resistance level.

Ethereum faced strong resistance yesterday at $ 230. If he did, two (230 and 235 dollars) would meet him more than the crucial obstacle. It isn’t even sincere that he goes up to $ 250 if he overcomes these obstacles. If it fails to hold the $ 230 level, even at 220 dollars, it seems likely to fall to 215 and 205 support levels.

Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Deals

Bitcoin Cash slipped from $ 560 in mid-week to $ 500. He made a lot of effort to reach the level of $ 540 yesterday, but couldn’t see enough support. Bitcoin Cash, which tries to hold on to the level of 520, is at risk of falling to $ 505 if it fails to do so.

Ripple, 2 weeks ago, the effect of bacon heat quickly recovered. He continued his downward trend at $ 0.545 levels yesterday. The point of support is $ 0.520, and Ripple‘s moment is at (04:00) and 0.515. The resistance point for Ripple, which is trying to show a slight recovery, is 0.535 and 0.540 dollars.

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