Blockchain initiatives up $ 3.9 billion with VC investment

VC investment in Blockchain enterprises increased 280 percent this year!
The crypto money sector is falling due to the ICO proposals and huge losses in the token markets, while the traditional VC investment is increasing once again.

Blockchain initiatives up $ 3.9 billion with VC investment
Blockchain’s research group Diar, in his latest report, states that Blockchain and crypto-money initiatives have increased by $ 3.9 billion in VC investments in the first three quarters of the year, an increase of 280 percent compared to 2017. The report shows that Pitchbook has nearly doubled the number of deals this year, based on data.

In addition to the increase in VC agreements, the average size of investments in crypto and Blockchain increased by more than $ 1 million in 2018. Ten of the largest Blockchain and Crypto money investments in 2018 saw buyer companies collect more than $ 1.3 billion for total venture capital. According to Diar, one of the companies has its own token (DFINITY), while the rest represents the share investment.

70 percent of Tokens are currently far below ICO prices
He said VC investment believes the popularity of funds seeking funds has increased sharply, adding that 70 percent of the tokens are currently far below the ICO. Also, Diar says the majority of the tokens have fallen by more than 90 per cent at the highest levels of all-time prices.

The research company also points out the regulations and issues related to ICO projects, indicating a decrease in the popularity of donor-based funding. According to the report, the number of projects collected through ICOs as well as the number of projects successfully completing token sales is approaching the lowest level of the last year.

Prime Minister of Malta says Blockchain technology will be better with artificial intelligence
The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, talked about the technology of Blockchain at the Delta Summit, and about the government’s regulation of crypto laws. He also states that artificial intelligence and the current regulatory framework are the focal point of the government of Malta.

The Prime Minister of Malta said, ile With the artificial intelligence, the structure of Blockchain can be preserved. Malta Joseph Muscat says:
We can improve and improve what we are doing here with AI.
Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, recently stated that Blokchain technology has moved away from a business model based on the er decentralization of data Eth. Later, Blockchain added that more and more individuals were provided with control. Prime Minister Muscat says that they witnessed the birth of a new technology at a time when basic democratic norms were questioned. He also notes that Blockchain technology has the power to democratize.

”People will witness a competition between central and decentralized technology.“
Moreover, Muscat points out that people will witness a competition between central and decentralized technology. In his opinion, this will become even more evident in the future, making it more difficult for governments to test their digital economy and society. Moreover, Blockchain expressed that they are as excited as the members in the sector. The government adds that Blockchain is ready to hear from developers “the next big idea” and new developments. Joseph Muscat also states:

We want to know how we can help and how to do it.

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