Litecoin and Dogecoin have more transactions than Bitcoin Cash

When it comes to Bitcoin Cash , it’s always important to talk about it. According to Whalepool , an important player of the market, BCH is not a suitable chain for traders and merchants. On the contrary, the number of transactions of Bitcoin Cash is less than both Litecoin and Dogecoin. Such details are usually open to interpretation but still worthy of investigation.

There are a lot of people who are scorning Bitcoin Cash at the moment. Even if a lot of people do not think so, for the moment, this currency has many advantages. The Whalepool Twitteraccount does not seem to be very pro-BCH, and this has been proven with a tweet a few weeks ago.

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For now, according to Whalepool account claim, Bitcoin Cash has very few network transactions.The number of transactions is so small that even Dogecoin and Litecoin seem to have superiority over BCH. It seems like an interesting explanation, but there is also a logical side. This obviously does not mean Bitcoin Cash is in a bad state, but the statistics are not as expected in general.

Whalepool commented on these figures:

“Do not believe this fuss … Both Litecoin and Doge have more transactions than Bcash.Bcash is less used than Dogecoin, even if it comes to talking about all those ‘Bcash transactions and a chain suitable for merchants’. “

Although these figures do not look good for March 2018 , things seem to have changed slightly for now. Looking at the current figures, we can say that Bitcoin Cash has managed to pass Dogecoin almost in terms of transaction volume. But it is still far behind Litecoin. What is interesting is that all these crypto currencies have experienced sudden increases during the same dates.

For now, Bitcoin Cash, which averages just under 20,000 transactions a day, is not doing much of a bad job. Litecoin has about 30,000 operations, but Dogecoin is slightly above the nose of the 20,000 border. This information proves that Bitcoin Cash is still used less than others. But this is not entirely a bad thing either. All of the crypto currencies are pessimistic when compared to Bitcoin.

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