Mastercard Has Applied For Patent Related to Blockchain Technology

It turned out that Mastercard, one of the world’s largest payment system giants , applied to get a patent on a system that would quickly add nods to the Blockchain network.

MasterCard aims to increase the speed in the nods determined by this mark, as the document that can be seen on the official website of the American Patent and Trademark Office shows.

While the first application was made by the company in October 2016 , the application included “Blockchain can easily store the data of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of submissions on blocks”.

blockchain banking

At the same time, because of its unchangeable nature, Blockchain can also be housed in hundreds, thousands or even millions of different blocks .

The following statements from Mastercard were used:

“The fact that a large number of blocks are approved individually is indeed a bit time consuming. This is also a little bit to the effectiveness of the system. So we thought we should find a technical solution to this issue and we aim to reduce this time. “

In order to do this, quick transition marks will be placed on certain blocks in the system. Nodals according to Mastercard; it will scan all these signals and pass the data of the corresponding block faster.

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