Ripple (XRP) is the judge of the year 2019!

Graph for XRP / USD (1H)

The Ripple (XRP) is moving very quickly and at this point everything seems to be possible. The Ripple team have been involved in their business with two hands and they know it very well. The above table for XRP / USD shows that Ripple (XRP) bulls have a firm pressure on the price. Ripple (XRP), the base of the rising channel of trade. The XRP / USD is currently trading below the 21-Hour EMA, but the road to $ 0.70 will soon be open, despite the breakdown. Technical indicators draw us such a graph. The wave trend for XRP/USD reveals a short-term trend reversed.

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Ripple (XRP) causes too much jolts in the crypto community. Popular crypto investor and fund manager Phillip Nunn recently suggested that Ripple (XRP) will be the crypto Microsoft. It may not agree with Ripple (XRP) as an investment or what it represents.

However, the idea that Ripple (XRP) may be the crypto Microsoft seems to make sense. As Microsoft has penetrated every office and home appliance, Ripple (XRP) plans to take over the entire financial sector. It’s not just about cross-border payments. Ripple (XRP) develops internal payment systems that allow payments to content creators, vendors, friends and family in the XRP in browsers.

Ripple Graph with Values Graphic for XRP / USD (1W)

When you combine Wells Fargo, Venmo and Paypal, you get something like Ripple (XRP). While there are other alternatives to change the existing financial system, Ripple thinks that the world is not ready for such a transition. Before that, we will see a major financial institution entering a final show. They will do it with Ripple (XRP) support. I want to make it clear that I don’t have any XRP. However, I believe that Ripple (XRP) can see a quick adoption before Bitcoin (BTC). Ripple (XRP) operations are faster and cheaper compared to Bitcoin (BTC). If things go wrong, they can get better control. Therefore, services such as Tempo and Moneytap were transferred to the Ripple (XRP) train.

Fluctuation is one of the few companies with an assertive market dominance in the crypto field. Their plans are not local; it is literally globalizing. From the US to Japan and India, they have a strong presence everywhere. Ripple (XRP) should not be considered as a permanent solution. As a result, it will replace a peer-to-peer financial network where the middle man is completely cut off. However, before that happened, Ripple (XRP) could see an unprecedented adoption. The Ripple team has a very good connection and is known for the miracles that work. I may have concerns about the XRP, but I’ve never underestimated the Ripple team. Theirs is one of the most competent, determined and ambitious teams you can see in space. Ripple (XRP), early in the field and in different areas can move. Considering that they have signed each other day by day, it does not wait for them to surprise the world in 2019.

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