Larry Page Is Making Google Stronger (Alphabet Inc)

Larry Page gets the credit of co-founding Google along with Sergey Brin. Founded in 1998, Google seems to have come a long way. It is a billion-dollar company, having many products. The website is the most visited website on the internet.

Alphabet Inc. is Google’s parent company. Larry Page is now focused on ‘Other Bets’. He wants to explore the areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and increasing life expectancy.

In 2015, Alphabet was decided as a holding company for ‘Google and its subsidiaries’ – Access, Calico, GB, Nest and Waymo. With all of these independent entities streamlined on Alphabet’s balance sheet, a user gets a coherent experience of main internet products like Maps, YouTube, Commerce, Google Play and Chrome.

In August 2015, Larry Page blogged about the status of the company. He called Google ‘unconventional’ and would like to see it remains that way.

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Larry praises the work he did when the company originally started. He says that somethings felt crazier at that time, but now that he sees back, things turn out pretty well. The things he started all that while ago, now have billions of users which include Maps, YouTube, Chrome and Android.

Discussing the field of technology, he believes the trick is ‘not to get too comfortable’. He says he knew that a time would come when it would be very easy for computers to perform incremental tasks. But what comes after that? To get your hands on the ‘next big thing’, you need to question ‘What is after that?’

In 2017, Google generated $89.5 billion dollars while ‘Other Bets’ generated $0.8 billion. As new products join the localized markets for emerging economies, automatically an increase of advertisement revenue is observed inside the Alphabet’s arsenal.

The company is heavily investing in research and development, which is fair if they still want to be prominent inside the tech race. Self-driven cars and localized consumer-based products, garnished with a touch of AI and machine learning, continue to be a hotcake of Alphabet.

FC’s David Lidsky, praised Page’s keenness to pick the perfect time to reset his company. He believes that Page knew that traditional corporate environments are a blockade to new innovations. Larry broke his business model into miniature products which helps him create a focus-oriented environment for his products. With advantage of resources, he gets to recruit a competitive crew which is ultimately good for Alphabet.

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