Justin Ehrenhofer: The Basic Human Rights Are Being Promoted by Monero [XMR]’s Privacy (Monero Future Forecast)

Justin Ehrenhofer (The Monero community workgroup organization) was interviewed by Blokt (a cryptocurrency news portal). This interview covered different aspects which include the significance of privacy, the upgrade which is to take place on the 18th of October. Also discussed, was the future plans of the Monero community and whether the Community was affected by the regulatory conditions.

Speaking about Monero, Justin stated that it is a decentralized cryptocurrency focused on Security, fungibility and privacy. He also expressed his view that Monero was an open-source platform giving users the full authority over their security and privacy.

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As regards privacy, Justin said that: “Monero’s privacy features allows people to transact digitally without worrying about whose Monero is worth more or less than another, or whose Monero will result in their account being investigated or closed”

Justin also aired his view concerning Monero being the leading privacy coin, stating that more privacy is being offered by the coin compared to other cryptos in the market. He then said that the Monero systems should be less concerned about leaking the amount as well as vital transaction metadata. He stated: “Monero provided a substantial amount of privacy for all transactions and takes a respected approach to decision-making. It is a fair and decentralized coin like Bitcoin”

On 18th October, Monero will also be upgraded and Justin gave his opinion that it was a twice-per-year upgrade. The upgrade according to him included major developments in security, privacy, efficiency, scalability and decentralization.

They also discussed about the great future plans of Monero as well as its intended partnerships. In addition, Monero, by the end of this year expects to implement Kovri, which permits users to conceal easily their IP address metadata. Also, by the end of November, a Monero point of sale payment processor known as Kasisto is expected to reach its second beta.

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