TRON (TRX) Hits Major Milestone as Block Height Reaches 3 Million and TRX Price Surges

TRON has been in the news in recent times for all the good reasons. The platform has kicked off many projects and upgrades that will optimize its functionalities. Therefore, recent reports reveal that the network‘s efforts are yielding results.

On October 11, TRON foundation announced via Twitter that the platform’s mainnet block height has reached 3 million in just 109 days. This is the latest in a series of developments recorded by the foundation in recent weeks.

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On October 8, TRON’s CEO Justin Sun announced that the network will be upgrading to the Odyssey 2.1.  In addition, Sun stated that the Odyssey 3.1 upgrade will give TRON an edge over major blockchain platforms. In particular, the upgrade will make transactions on TRON 100 and 200 times cheaper than transactions on EOS and Ethereum respectively. The team had also kicked off Project Atlas which mainly focuses on the integration of TRON with Bittorent. Earlier, TRON had bolstered its mainstream status by acquiring Bittorent for almost $140 million.

In addition, BitGuld unveiled the world first idle blockchain-based game on TRON’s blockchain. As such, TRON foundation is one of the most active development team in the crypto space. And the network’s coin TRON TRX is on the verge of breaking into the top 10 cryptocurrencies list.

Also, the team has shown commitment to offer developers an efficient workspace to build creative Dapps on the platform. Therefore, TRON launched a set of tools that will ease the process it takes to develop apps on the platform. In addition, TRON launched and activated the TRON Virtual Machine on its mainnet. As such, developers are increasingly adopting TRON.

TRON TRX’s Price Surges

Therefore, It is safe to say that all these developments have helped the price of TRON TRX. As at press time, the price of TRON TRX is $0.023487, which is a 6.74 percent surge in 24 hours. As such, TRON TRX has the highest price surge among the top 20 cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap. In addition, TRON TRX has a market cap of $1,545,183,070. This puts TRON TRX as the 11th cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap’s top 100 cryptocurrencies list.

TRON is one of the platforms that have laid the foundation for a sustainable growth. The network is working relentlessly to achieve its aim of decentralizing the internet. And this has culminated in the progress it has achieved thus far. As such, many believe that it is only a matter of time before it reaches the zenith of the crypto market.

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