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TRON Virtual Machine Is Finally Live — TRON Smart Contracts Era Begins. After months of waiting, TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) is finally live. Recent announcements by TRON’s founder, Justin Sun, informed TRX enthusiasts of the new development via Twitter and urged them to enjoy TRON’s groundbreaking new product.

Despite the fact that TVM came a bit later than it was supposed to due to issues with a particular block, Sun’s team managed to resolve everything quickly. As a result, the platform launched TVM, giving the team, as well as TRX community, a reason to celebrate.

Thanks to Tron VM, an entirely new Smart Contracts Era arrived at TRON, which will now be 200 times faster than Ethereum, as well as 100 times cheaper than EOS. Additionally, due to the fact that smart contracts are crucial for the creation of a decentralized web, this marks another step that TRON has made on its way to achieve its goals.

Tron (TRX) Developer Update: 90 Smart Contracts Deployed and Counting
The activation of the Tron (TRX) Virtual Machine last week was particularly important in the sense that developers could now develop smart contracts that would power Decentralized Applications on the network. By the 13th of October, reports had indicated that there had been 82 smart contracts deployed on the Tron platform. These contracts had been called 40,658 times at the time of the report.

Marcus Zhao, former Alibaba Chief Data Mining Expert, made the smart contract announcement via the following tweet:

Marcus Zhao @Marcus_ZhaoHong:
TRON TVM data update: 82 contracts deployed and have been called 40658 times. boosting !!!

Tracking of Smart Contracts Now Available
At the time of the tweet by Marcus, there was no way for regular folks like you and I to track the smart contracts on the Tron platform. However, Tron believer Misha Lederman, notified the Tron Community of the availability of a site to track the smart contracts on the platform. His tweet was as follows:

#TRON Smart Contracts can now be tracked at: Current updated $TRX Smart Contracts: 88 to TRON’s Technical Manager @Marcus_ZhaoHong, former #Alibaba Chief Data Mining Expert, for sharing the site with the #TRX community

90 Smart Contracts deployed
At the time of Misha’s tweet, there were a total of 88 smart contracts deployed. Further checking the provided website, we find that there are now 90 smart contracts deployed. This is a noteworthy achievement given that the TVM was only activated on the 12th of October which is only 4 days ago.

Developers Are Key In Making Tron Great
In an earlier post, we had seen how Decentralized Application developers are crucial in making Tron great. With the given throughput of 2,000 transactions per second and zero fees on smart contract operations, the Tron mainnet is bound to attract a lot of developers who are more focused in creating a functional DApp without worrying about network congestion and gas fees.

DApps that need a high throughput include those for gaming, finance, advertising and social media.

With the Developer Webpage on the Tron website, anyone with an interest in blockchain technology can now explore the Tron platform. There is also a developer conference scheduled for January in San Francisco.

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