WhatsAround Review: A Platform That Rewards Users In Crypto For Sharing Pictures And Videos

In the midst of the social media revolution, WhatsAround appears as a blockchain – powered tool that rewards users for their action within the app. These prizes come in the form of cryptocurrencies: the token is called ShotCoin.

Social media outlets and platforms often take a lot of our time and we go home empty-handed while they make enormous profits off our data logs, selling them to third-parties or taking advantage themselves to use them for marketing purposes. With WhatsAround, developers make sure users are rewarded for doing what their love, which is connecting with other people and sharing photos and content with the world.

WhatsAround: What is it?

WhatsAround gathers the best of two of the most widely known social media apps out there: Foursquare and Instagram. People upload or share photos of their respective locations on an Ethereum Blockchain-powered platform.

The app is best suited for those that love being in touch with Mother Nature and outdoor activities, such as tourism and traveling. People can earn points and, ultimately, cryptocurrency, if they share what they see and perform other activities within the WhatsAround environment.

More points are available to be earned for discovering new and exciting locations for other people to enjoy; for example, finding that secret place which users within the app can benefit from.

Among the project’s features are a private coin wallet, a direct camera, and an easy to use interface that lets people upload not only photos, but also videos of their trips around the world for people within the WhatsAround environment to see.

WhatsAround promotes the immortalization of moments by taking pictures and videos of people’s lives and “what’s around” them. The app fuels from the user’s phone location to give rewards to the first person to take a shot in that place.

The process: How does it work?

Each of the following activities will make the user earn #ShotPoints that will accumulate over time into #ShotCoin, which is the native and associated cryptocurrency of the WhatsAround app. With the ShotCoins, people will be able to acquire ETH, PayPal Cash, and Gift Cards from the App Store, Google Play Store, Starbucks, and Amazon.

Here is how you can earn points on WhatsAround:

  • Upvotes on your shots
  • When a person bookmarks your picture
  • Your votes on other shots
  • Your bookmarks
  • Shots you comment on
  • Being the first to take a Shot in specific locations
  • Inviting friends
  • Moving up levels
  • Those friends uploading their first profile picture
  • Those friends updating their bio for the first time
  • Those friends moving up levels
  • Weekly and daily Photo Challenges (coming soon)

In conclusion, the WhatsAround app was created and fueled by the Blockchain Technology with the intention of saving us from the data crisis associated with the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others. and on top of all, there is the bonus of getting rewards for activities that up to this point, we were performing for free.

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