Another Global Financial Institution Revealed By Ripple

Ripple is making more significant progress, creating some sort of link between traditional fiat money based payment processors and the blockchain ecosystem.

The Ripple team made this announcement during the Swell Conference, confirming the release of xRapid. They said that their newly developed technology is already being utilized by three important global payment processors.

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This news indicates a case of global adoption and as revealed by Viamericas (a new company joining the list), it carries a higher significance as Ripple, probably in a more discreet way.

Viamericas, according to its website is a “licensed money transmitter offering international money transfer, bill payment, check processing and top-up services at thousands of agent locations across the United States, and over 76,000 locations in 29 countries for cash payout or direct deposits to bank accounts”.

Ripple with this newly formed business partnership, has strengthened itself as a far more reputable alternative than other competitors having similar features. For some time now, Viamericas has worked with Ripple. Earlier press releases revealed that Viamericas was experimenting with xRapid and the Ripple-offered technologies, but there was nothing to confirm its official adoption.

This announcement was about including the company in Ripple’s published brochure titled “On-Demand Liquidity: Harnessing the power of XRP on RippleNet.” Viamericas was the first company listed to adopt xRapid: “A Game Changer Global payment providers, such as Viamericas, Cuallix, IDT, MercuryFX and others are using xRapid to significantly lower their liquidity costs and send real-time payments — an industry first.”

Concerning this, no additional comments have been made by Ripple neither is there any references on the Viamericas official website about the newly formed partnership.

Currently, XRP tokens is valued at $0.46. Infact, among other cryptocurrencies listed on the top 10 of CoinMarketCap, it has the best performance. It has a total market capitalization of $19.726.617.062

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