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Ripple (XRP) is the third largest cryptocurrency in market cap. It has not only disrupted the world of finance by providing more reliable and secure payment solutions, but it has also transformed the social and charitable activities.

Few months ago, Ripple signed partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in order to help unbanked people across the third-world countries. Recently, that partnership has taken more enhanced routes and dimensions.
Before, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation initiated and funded the project called Mojaloop using financial solutions and techniques of Ripple. Mojaloop has been developed on top of Ripple’s Interledger Protocol and provides solutions for cross-border financial transactions.

And now, Miller Abel, the deputy director of foundation, tweeted on Oct 17th, that they are partnering with Ripple and Coil and enhancing the usage of Mojaloop (Interledger Protocol) to develop more efficient and secure payment systems for impoverished people of society.

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Coil, Ripple, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Association – Major Boost for Ripple

Ripple is driving the blockchain technology into new uses across the world. First, it found the way to enter into finance, then social and charitable factor. And now with the association of Coil, it has entered into the new type of industry which will be vital for Ripple’s rapid growth.

As TheOofy reported earlier Ripple’s growing adoption with new partnerships.

Miller Abel, after his first tweet, clarifies that Mojaloop hasn’t used XRP token, but it has used Ripple technology to develop new financial solutions while solving issues of interoperability. He emphasizes that Mojaloop uses “Interledger Protocol to settle payments between customers of different mobilemoney services”.

The increasing usage of Ripple technologies indicating towards growing adoption of efficient blockchain solutions as smart tool for making future better. And, the trend of using blockchain in different sectors will continue to grow after this great development.

Finally, there are no further updates or details about the future of this association, but it has left the positive impact across the whole XRP community.

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