Long Term Bitcoin Prediction (BTC/USD): How Far Can BTC Go In The Following Years 2018 2019 2020 2025?

Bitcoin has definitely come a long way since it was first issued as the prototype of the first digital asset ever to be created. Going back to 2009, Bitcoin was designed and launched by an anonymous hacker or a group of hackers under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, considered to be the father of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

As Bitcoin was valued at around single cent back in 2010 at its mere beginnings, it „easily“ went towards hitting an all-time high of nearly 19,000$ per single unit as recorded back in mid-December when the majority of cryptos were heading towards their top prices.

Now being traded at the price of 6,618$ per one BTC, with over 114 billion dollars in its market capitalization, how war is Bitcoin able to go within the long-term bitcoin prediction in the years to come?

Long-term Bitcoin Forecast for 2019

Based on the current performance of the first largest currency in the market, in January of 2019 Bitcoin could reach the top price of around 6,200$ with -13% of decrease based on the frequent market dips dominating the market for the past couple of weeks.

However, many crypto analysts believe that BTC could go up to touch its previously set record price once again at the beginning of the following year, while opinions differ in some circles of cryptoverse where some enthusiasts insist that Bitcoin is a “bubble waiting to burst” even allegedly being governed by frequent interventions of the controversial Tether (USDT) which is said to have something to do with occasional price pump in BTC.

Whichever the case, it is less likely that Bitcoin is to remain at the current price of 6,680$ as recorded on October 16th, as many people expect to see a renewed hype that took place the last year in 2017 prior to welcoming New Year’s celebration.

In case 2019 come off as more benevolent than 2018, Bitcoin might at least get closer to retrieving some of its lost value since making its all-time high.

Long-term Bitcoin Prediction for 2020

Maybe some of the most controversial price predictions regarding the progress of BTC in the market goes to John McAfee who stated that Bitcoin will get to reach the price of 500,000$ per one BTC unit, which might be exaggerated at this point, also adding that one BTC might go up to 2$ million by the end of 2020.

McAfee is known by his controversial price predictions, although several times his crypto price forecasts turned out to be close to the actual score within the predicted timeframe.

Based on the current performance, Bitcoin is likely to see a new high of around 15,000$ by 2020 around this time of the year in the Q4, gradually rising and acquiring the needed stability.

Long-term Bitcoin Prediction for 2021

Supposing that BTC would be able to acquire a certain dose of stability rising gradually in the market year to year, BTC might start the year of 2021 with the price of 17,000$, as it can further grow by up to 34,000 per one unit, based on analytics supported by the behavior of this currency by far.

In case Bitcoin would be able to acquire the noted pace of growth during the course of the mentioned years, it would most definitely prove that BTC is anything but a “bubble waiting to burst.”      

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